My village essay in English for all grade students

Q: How can I write essay on my village?

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Ans:- Steps to follow 
  • Location
  • Arrangement of houses
  • The people of the village
  • Shopping
  • Festivals observed
  • My association with others
Let's start by writing a short paragraph note about my village essay

My village essay

my village essay in english for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,and class 10,class 12 students essay on my village.

I was born and brought up in Ramchandrapur, A village situated only two kilometres from the national highway. It is one of the biggest villages in the district.

The village is about three kilometres long. It is straight that you can see one end from the other. There are tall coconut trees on each side of the road and in front of the houses.

The groups of young and old people sit together and play indoor games here under the coconut-tree shade during the daytime.

Most of the people in my village work in the city for their livelihood. Some of them come to the village only during holidays. Others leave the village in the morning to attend to their place of work and return in the early hours of the evening. School teachers of local primary schools and high schools stay in the village year-round. 

Others who stay permanently in the village are farmers, masons, carpenters, and daily wage earners. The number of women, children, and old men far exceeds the number of young men.

Most of the houses in the village have brick walls with thatched roofs, and now every village is developing into a modern town/village.

The population will be a little above four thousand. There are five grocery shops, four betel shops, two tailoring shops, and one bi-cycle repair shop in my village. 

In the middle of the village, there is a post office. At the end of the village, there is a beautiful temple.

Behind the temple, there is a tank where water is available for bathing throughout the year. There is three youth club in the village.

Each club has a small library-cum-reading room, where the young people read newspapers and periodicals in the evening.

The doll festival is the biggest festival in the village. The whole village is divided into two units; each unit presents its dance in the middle place of the village.

The other festival is the sitalsasthi. Sweets are offered in puja, and puja is performed on the veranda of each house on this day. Friends and relatives are invited to attend.

I like my village very much. I often catch fish from the village tanks. The juice of the green coconut and the sunrise of my village fascinate me. I take an active part in organizing community dinners and drama performances.

Native Village Essay

My village essay 250 words.

  • Name and situation
  • People and their occupation
  • The scenery and surroundings
  • Institutions
  • Difficulties, if any
  • Your attitude towards your village

The name of my village is Odanai. It is a small village. It is under the Beguniapada Block of Ganjam District. There are more than two hundred fifty families. The population of the village is about one thousand six hundred.

Most of the villagers are small farmers. They are very dynamic. They work in the field throughout the day.

About two hundred young men of our village work as labourers either in the coalfields of West Bengal or in the textile mills of Surat. They are well established now. Few people work as government servants in different places.

A small river named Kharakhari flows beside the village. The village is surrounded by green cornfields. There are mango groves all around the village.

People have also grown a lot of coconut trees in their yards. Among these trees, the village seems to be very beautiful.

There is no other institution except an upper primary school. There are temples of Lord Rameswar and Goddess Sarbda Mangala.

The temple of Lord Rameswar is famous in our locality. Sivaratri and Sital Sasthi are observed here with much pomp and pleasure.

There were no easy communications to our village in the past. However, a pucca road was constructed under Pradhan Mantri Gramya Sadak Yojana a few years ago.

In spite of some difficulties, I have a special liking for my village. As I had the opportunity to take my first breath on this soil, I loved it like my mother.

I am inspired by the saying, “Mother and motherland are superior to heaven”.

Essay on my village

This is the essay about My village essay in english for class 12.

my village essay in english for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,and class 10,class 12 students essay on my village 200 words to 500 words.

  • What a village is like 
  • The name and situation of your village
  • Its scenery and surroundings
  • Population
  • Occupations
  • Houses and buildings
  • Sanitation
  • Habits of the people
  • Youth Club, Grama Panchayat
  • Why do you like your village so much?

A village is a small group of houses and other buildings, such as a few shops, a temple, and a school, all grouped together in a country area.

I was born and brought up in a small village named Rampur, not far from Jagatsinghpur, the district headquarters of Jagatsinghpur district.

It is on the bank of a dead river named Alka and surrounded by paddy fields and mango groves. Most of the dwellings are mud houses with thatched roofs. There are only a few buildings.

The particular advantage of this village is that although it is situated in a rural area, it is only three kilometres away from Jagatsinghpur town.

It has a population of about a thousand people. Most people are Hindus, but Muslims make up about 15 of the population. But it is unique that there is perfect amity and brotherhood between the two communities, and they actively participate in each other's festivities.

The main occupation of the people is agriculture. They are busy all through the year working in their fields. There are some people whose occupation is fishing. Some shopkeepers sell rice, flour, salt, sugar, oil, ghee, soap, boxes of matches, etc.

Moreover, some people do skilled work with their hands. Weavers weave different kinds of cloth, carpenters make furniture with wood, blacksmiths make and repair things made of iron, goldsmiths make ornaments, potters make clay pots by hand.

There is a big market at one end of the village by the riverside. It sits twice a week, i.e. on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The villagers and the people from the neighbouring towns buy vegetables, clothing, and necessary articles there.

There is a primary school there. Boys and girls under ten years study at the school. There is also a Primary Health Centre in the village. Whenever people fall ill, they go there to consult the doctor and bring medicines.

In the middle of the village, there is a Siva temple, where people offer prayers to Lord Siva every day. There is also a small mosque where Muslims offer their prayers to Allah. There is also a tiny post office in the village.

There is no dirt or rubbish lying anywhere. The surroundings of the village places are elegant and clean. The streets are spotless too. The villagers dig deep pits and throw all the dirt and rubbish.

There is a massive tank in the village. The people of the village bathe there. There are four tube wells, and the people drink clean water drawn from them. So the people generally keep healthy and do not suffer from any water-borne diseases.

The villagers live a quiet and simple life. There is cooperation and fellow-feeling among them. They share each others' weal and woe.

There is a Youth Club in the village. The village youth are trying their best to bring about the overall development of our village.

There is also a village Panchayat consisting of the village elders. Whenever there is any dispute over the ownership of any land or any quarrel among the villagers, they settle the disputes amicably. Thus a peaceful atmosphere pervades the village, and people enjoy a quiet life.

I am very proud that I belong to such a village. I often go to my village during holidays and enjoy being there with my village mates.

FAQ's on my village

Q: Why do I love my village?
Ans- The juice of the green coconut and the sunrise of my village fascinate me. I take an active part in organizing community dinners and drama performances.

Q: What is village in simple words?
Ans- A village is a place where people live, usually in rural areas. It is usually larger than a village and smaller than a town or city.

Q: How do you celebrate in the village?
Ans- The whole village is divided into two units, each unit presents its dance in the middle place or the village. Friends and relatives are invited to attend.
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