Essay on policeman for all class students easy learn

Essay on Policeman

Policeman essay for class 6, class 7, and class 8 students.

  • A policeman is an essential person in any society. They work as lifesavers in the community.

  • We can find them everywhere like on-street, at the railway station, at bus stands, historical places, and many other sites.

  • He wears a khaki uniform and carries weapons with them.

  • A policeman is considered to be the guardian of law and order.

  • Their main work is to maintain peace in every society.

  • Policemen work day and night to protect us from criminals.

  • A policeman also works to control traffic. He clears traffic jams in big cities.

  • In case of an accident, a policeman helps carry the injured to the hospital.

  • In spite of all adverse situations, he performs his duties with courage and fearlessness.

  • The policeman should be honest, polite, kind, and literate to serve the people. We have to cooperate with him.

Essay on Policeman for class 9 and class 10 students

the policeman essay in english for class 6,class 7,class 8,class 9 and class 10 students in simple and short essay on police.

Outline :

A useful government servant
His/Her place of work his dress
Duties and responsibilities
How useful to us his difficulties
our opinion on him

Government servants work for the people. But some of them perform essential duties, and their services are related to our everyday life. 

The policeman is one of them. He is a helpful government servant. He works in the police station. He works under the guidance of the officer-in-charge of that police station.

He puts on a khaki uniform. He puts a cap on his head and a belt around his waist. He also puts on a pair of boots. One can easily recognize him in this dress.

The maintenance of law and order in society is his first duty. He keeps watching over our houses at night. He protects our life and property.

The wrong-doers are always afraid of him. He traces out the thieves and criminals and gets them punished.

As traffic police, he controls the traffic and avoids accidents. He stands at the center of busy places of towns and cities and performs his duty. 

In this way, he saves the lives of a large number of people. It is necessary to maintain peace in those places where many people assemble.

So he keeps an eye on the marriage and religious processions and public meetings. He remains present in those places where fairs and festivals are observed. He maintains law and order in those crowded places.

He deals with criminals at the risk of his own life. He has to spend days together away from his house. He works round the clock. 

In spite of all adverse situations, he performs his duties with courage and fearlessness. So ordinary people are always grateful to him.

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Some FAQ's on policeman essay

Q: How does the policeman help us?

Ans: The policeman helps us in many ways. He helps to maintain law and order in society. He helps to keep us safe from criminals and other dangers. He also helps to enforce the law and catch criminals.

Q: Why do you like the police?

Ans: There are many reasons why people like the police. Some people may like the police because they feel safe when they are around them. Others may like the police because they think that they are helpful and do a good job of keeping the community safe. Some people may also like the police because they think that they are fair and unbiased.

Q: What are the three major functions of the police?

Ans: The three major functions of the police are law enforcement, crime prevention, and public order. Law enforcement is the process of enforcing the law and maintaining order. Crime prevention is the effort to reduce and prevent crime and disorder. Public order is the maintenance of public safety and security.
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