Our Headmaster Essay in 10 Lines in English

In this article we write a short topic on our headmaster essay about 10 lines. Here is the 10 lines based on our headmaster.

10 Lines Our Headmaster Essay

Our headmster essay 10 lines in english for kids, class 1, class 2, class 3,class 4 and class 5 students.
10 lines on our headmaster

1 - The name our school Headmaster is Gadadhara rout.

2 - He comes to school regularly.

3 - He teaches us English Grammar.

4 - He organises different kinds of cultural activities.

5 - Sometimes our Headmaster supervises the classes.

6 - Especially he helps to other poor students.

7 - He evaluates the monthly tests.

8 - He takes extra classes for revision of the course.

9 - He likes simple living.

10 - Our Headmaster honesty has been example of us.

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