Best Essay on My School Picnic in English for all Classes student

Let's describe My school picnic to Odisha. Why we are visit?, What we know? and many more. School picnic is a memorable day because, all the friends and teachers visit to a place to know about this.

Follow the simple points to make a beautiful paragraphs of essay on school excursion.

  • Write a better heading of our essay to know others our topic
  • Arrangement and departure
  • The sunrise at chandrabhaga
  • The visit to the sun temple
  • Khandagiri caves
  • The visit to Lingaraj temple
  • The return journey

My school picnic

essay on my school picnic in english for class 5,class6,class7,class8,class9,class 10 students.

The department of history of our college arranged an excursion to konark and khandagiri on the 14th of January. As a student of history, I accompanied the excursion party with others.

We are a composite group, consisting of 55 students and five teachers. There were 12 female students at the party. Besides, we had taken two cooks and a male servant to assist us in cooking.

The head of the department of history was our chief guide. When the stage transport bus carrying the excursion party left the college gate on 13th night, we gave three cheers.

Our bus took six hours to reach konark. We reached there exactly at 4:30 a.m. We left the bus and walked to see the sunrise at chandrabhaga.

We were fortunate because we had a very clear view of the sunrise as there was no fog in the sky.

The sun was a revolving scarlet globe when it suddenly leaped up from the bosom of the horizon, creating a unique splendour in the sky.

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We forgot the tiredness of our journey and returned to our bus. It took us an hour to get ready to visit the sun temple Konark.

While we were going round the broken splendour of our past glory, prof. Das, our head of the department, explained to us the history of the making of this great temple of Orissan art culture.

He gave us a vivid description of the number of people engaged in making the temple and the time they took to complete it.

The stone sculptors at konark have attracted people all over the world, who ever has come here has praised in superlative the workmanship of these sculptors. You can not take your eyes away from them.

The Navagraha which is worshipped by the Hindus in the temple premises is an example of excellent workmanship in stone. Nine beautiful images are carved out of a single pie of rock, each image an attractive image for eternity.

It took us about three hours to see the konark temple. We had our lunch at about 11 am. Our cooks had prepared it for us. A three course lunch consisting of fried rice, dal and vegetable curry.

We reached khandagiri an hour before sunset. The shadows of roadside trees had lengthened when we got down from the bus and entered the khandagiri caves.

We were in a hurry because the bright light was beginning to fade. Prof. Panda explained to us the historical significance of these caves. We had our tea here.

As most of us wanted to have a darshan of lord Lingaraj before we returned. We took mahaprasad in the temple premises after the darshan. By midnight we were again back in our homes.

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