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10 lines on my class teacher essay,my class teacher essay on 10 lines
My class teacher

In this article I will give you a format of 10 lines on Class Teacher. This is helpful to kids and childrens like, class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4 and class 5 students.

10 Lines on Class Teacher

 1 - Everyday our class teacher comes to the class at the beginning of the class.

 2 - Our class teacher name is Gadadhara Roy.

 3 - He teaches us mathematics.

 4 - Sometimes he tells us funny stories.

 5 - He loves us very much.

 6 - He punishes us for mistakes.

 7 - He is very helpful and kind hearted person.

 8 - We respect him too much.

 9 - He is very simple and honest.

10- Our class teacher's behaviour has become a paradigm of others.

My Class Teacher Essay 100-150 Words [10 Lines]

 1 - I am in class [your class] in [school name].

 2 - Mr amar ch. Swain is our class teacher. He is about 50 years old. He is tall and thin.

 3 - Our class teacher is a fine gentleman.

 4 - Maintaining proper discipline in the class and making the students attentive to their studies are some of his good qualities.

 5 - At first, he marks the attendance of the students. Then he starts teaching.

 6 - He teaches us mathematics. He has been teaching this subject in our school for the last twenty years.

 7 - His teaching process is simple and easy to understand.

 8 - His good teaching has enabled the students of our class to score good marks in mathematics.

 9 - He makes his classes interesting with the help of charts, and other materials.

10 - I am impressed by his good qualities and like him very much.

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