Winter season essay on my favourite season in English

My Favourite Season Winter Season Essay

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Many students have one problem that is "How do write winter season essay?". Don't worry I am here to help you. Let's try to clear your problem. Write a simple attractive title of your topic like. Then write some outline idea about winter season. After all convert outline to simple paragraphs. Let's do some magic.

The winter season / My Favourite Winter Season

Essay on winter season 500 words

winter season essay on my favourite season in english for class 5,6,7,class 8,class 9,and class 10 students, winter season essay 500 words.

Outline: Describe every point

  • Time and winter
  • Description of nature
  • Season of games and sports
  • People enjoy the sunshine
  • Weeding, exhibition, and shows held
  • A wide variety of vegetables
  • Important festivals celebrated
  • Why you like and don't like about this season

Winter is the coldest season of the year between autumn and spring. It is set in our country in November and lasts till the end of January.

The temperature sometimes drops even to 1° Celsius in some parts of the country. In January, the winter is at its peak. By the end of November, a cool breeze starts blowing.

During winter people wear warm woolen clothes to escape the cold. These months are dry as there is hardly any rainfall.

These are the months of hard work, studies, and hard labor. People feel more healthy and active and can eat well. They are comparatively more energetic.

Though the days are short and nights longer, people put in more work. They work longer hours because of the cold weather.

Cold wind blows from the north. There is frequent heavy snowfall on the Himalayan
mountains and many people die of cold and exposure.

In the morning there is often fog and visibility is poor. The sun is not seen and air flights are delayed. In the northern parts of our country, winter is much severe.

People can be seen basking in the sun or sitting around a fire. Poor people suffer the most during hard and cold winter nights. Winter is the season of games and sports, both in plains and on hills.

Everywhere people can be seen participating in various games and sports. Cricket fever grips the whole country. Commentaries can often be heard on the radio and TV. Picnickers flock to their favorite picnic spots.

The different types of scenes are fascinating. After the snowfall, it looks white everywhere. Sometimes the whole landscape is full of fog. People and vehicles move about in a ghostly manner.

When there is sunshine it is so pleasant to bask in it. People are seen sunbathing on the beaches, on their rooftops, or just half-lying in their chairs.

Winter is the season of marriages and colorful woolen clothes and good food. A wide variety of vegetables is available during this season. Food does not easily spoil.

One has no problem with digestion. So people satisfy their taste for different types of dishes. Weddings, exhibitions, Shows, parties, etc. allow people to display their fine clothes.

The festival of Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. It is full of gaiety, fun, and frolic. New Year's Day and various Hindu festivals are observed in this season.

I particularly like this season because I do not feel tired in cold weather. I can find a lot of time for my studies. My most important spell of studies is in this season. And that is why I like this season the most.

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My favorite winter season essay

Essay on winter season 250 words

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Q:- How do you describe the winter season?


  • Its time
  • weather condition, scenery, and surroundings
  • Fruits and flowers
  • Crops grown
  • Advantages and disadvantages 
  • Our opinion on the season.

We divide a year into six seasons, and winter is one of them. It comes in December and January. In some places, it continues for more than two months.

During this season the temperature of the atmosphere comes down rapidly. It occurs at or below freezing points in places of a high mountain range and polar regions. We feel extremely cold in this season.

The winter winds blow from the north. They cause a sharp pain to the body. People go to their places of work late in the morning and come back early before evening. The nights in winter are more painful.

Clouds disappear from the sky in this season. So the sky looks clear. The air is dry as there is no water vapor in it. The trees turn leafless. So the nature around us looks ugly.

Fruits like apples, oranges, and grapes grow in plenty in this season. A few varieties of flowers like a marigold blossom in this season. Vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, and potatoes are widely grown during the winter days.

This is the season of harvesting. Farmers reap their corn. They produce different food grains during this time. So it is the busiest season of the year.

In this season there is no fear of hot sunshine or heavy rainfall. People do not feel scarcity of food as they grow a lot of fruits, vegetables, etc. 

However, due to extreme cold and chilly weather, they feel bored. The skin is dried up during the winter days. Some people suffer from skin diseases.

This season has always been considered as the season of cheerlessness. Many people don't like this season for the discomfort they feel during this time. But we should try to adjust ourselves to the weather conditions of all the seasons.

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