My Grandparents Essay | Paragraph On My Grandparents

My Grandparents Essay

My Grandparents essay,paragraph on My Grandparents,My Grandparents essay in english for class 9 and class 10 students
My Grandparents Essay


  • Who your grandparents are
  • Your mother's parents and your father's parents
  • What they are like
  • How they are treated by your family
  • How you enjoy their company
  • What happens when both the grandfathers and grandmothers get together
  • If you have grandparents, you are indeed so lucky!

Our grandparents are the parents of our father or mother. If one has grandparents, one is indeed very lucky! I have two sets of them: my father's parents and my mother's parents.

My grandparents on my father's side live with us. Although both of them are above sixty, they are young in spirit and simply wonderful. My grandfather teaches us and joins us in our work and play. 

He is a wizard at mathematics and often teaches maths to all of us. My mathematics marks have zoomed from 65 to 92. He is indeed so noble and respectable. He is a social worker and is held in high esteem. He has all the good qualities of head and heart.

Everyone in our family looks at my grandmother with respect and love. Even our pet dog loves her so much. My parents are ever grateful to both of them and call them their sheet anchors, that is they are the people on whom they depend in a difficult situation.

My grandfather goes for a long walk in the morning and on the way back he picks up the milk packets. My grandmother is busy in the kitchen because my mother goes out to work.

In the evening, we all sit down together and tell each other about the day's happenings. Granny tells us interesting stories about her youth and while grandpa talks seriously with my father. I can't imagine my family without my grandparents.

Once in a while my mother's parents pay us a visit. You should see my mother then! She is all smiles, bustling about in the kitchen, making tasty dishes. At that time she is so engrossed in work that she even forgets to urge me to do my homework.

Then we all have a wonderful time because Granny always brings fantastic gifts and is full of life and laughter. She really loves us with all her heart. Grandpa, too, although quiet, is extremely affectionate. 

He also looks after our studies and teaches us a lot about English pronunciation as he had been a very good teacher of English in high school.

When both the grandmothers get together, it is great fun listening to them. The grandmothers conversation deals with how good their son and daughter are and the grandfathers talk of the freedom struggle and how the country's standards are going down.

As I have already said before — we are indeed very lucky as we have got our grandparents who mean so much to us.

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