Our English Teacher Essay | My English Teacher Essay For Class 10


Our English Teacher essay,my English Teacher essay,Our English Teacher essay in english for class 8, class9 and class 10 students
Our English Teacher Essay

Outline :

  • English teacher name and age
  • His/her education and ability of teaching
  • Other teachers and parents
  • Our impression on our English teacher

A teacher who teaches English is known as an English teacher. Mrs. Pranati Jena is our English teacher. She is about forty years old. She is not so tall. But she is fair and possesses an attractive appearance.

She has done her masters degree in English. She has also completed the B.Ed. course. In addition to this she has undergone a training of English teachers and had the Diploma in Teaching English.

She has been teaching English in high schools for the last sixteen years.

English is a foreign language. It is being taught in schools as a second language. It is natural that Indian students find it difficult to learn English. But Mrs. Jena's teaching English is excellent. She proceeds methodically. 

She drills up the structures of the English language again and again so that we can improve our spoken English first. She gives us written work.

Her pronunciation of English words is correct and clear. I like her teaching very much. I am grateful to her for my improvement in this subject.

She is very social and co-operative. She maintains a good relationship with the headmaster as well as other teachers. She advises the parents to watch the studies of their children. 

Most of the people of our locality like her very much. Her good conduct had made her so popular.

I am lucky to have an English teacher like Mrs. Jena. I wish every school had such English teachers. I hope to prosper in the future with her guidance and blessings. I love her very much and have the highest regard for her.

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