My School Garden Essay | Essay On My School Garden


My School Garden Essay,essay on my My School Garden

Outline :

  • Garden location
  • Total land area
  • Any man at work
  • Any teacher in charge
  • Facilities of water supply
  • Uses of garden

There are gardens in most of the schools. We have a garden in our school. It is situated at the back of our school. It is a big garden covering three acres of land. The land is soft and fertile. It helps the plants grow rapidly.

There are a few varieties of fruit trees. They are coconut, mango, and cashew trees. They had been planted by our senior students long ago. There are also different kinds of flower plants. They look very beautiful with flowers of wonderful colors. The beauty and fragrance of the flowers please everybody. The garden adds to the beauty of our school.

Students of different classes work in the garden during the period meant for it. The teachers also take care of the garden. There is a garden committee. The committee looks after the improvement of the garden.

The headmaster of our school takes a keen interest in planting more and more trees in the garden. Our school peons often work in the garden. They drive out stray cattle from the garden. At night the night watcher of the school keeps an eye on the garden.

There are two wells and a tube well on the premises of our school. We fetch water from the wells and water the plants. In summer there is a scarcity of water. At that time we fetched water from a nearby pond.

The garden helps us in many ways. We sell fruits and utilize the sale proceeds for the development of the school. During the recess hour, we go into the garden and play under the shade of trees. In this way, the garden is very useful to us. Students of every school should be interested in gardening and growing more and more trees.

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