Importance Of Games and Sports Essay | Sports and Games Essay



Importance Of Games and Sports Essay,the value Of Games and Sports Essay
Importance Of Games and Sports Essay

Outline :

  • Importance of sports and games
  • Kinds of games and athletic events Usefulness of sports and games 
  • What they teach us
  • Sports and games in schools
  • our participation in sports and games

Activities or competitions needing physical strength and skill carried on according to certain rules are known as sports. All sorts of games and athletic events are sports. They play an important role in human life. They provide people good physical training and make them strong and healthy. They also keep people away from diseases.

There are two kinds of games, Indoor games like table tennis, billiards etc. are played inside buildings. On the other hand, cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, tennis etc. are outdoor games which are played in open fields or grounds. 

Running, jumping and throwing etc. are athletic events. In most of the games there are two teams. But individuals take part in athletic events.

In all kinds of sports one has to do a lot of physical exercise to strengthen the body. Physical exercise builds up the body properly. Blood circulation, digestive and respiratory systems are regulated by regular exercise.

It also makes the mind free and active. Physical health and mental health are interrelated. So Sports and games are helpful both to the body and to the mind.

It is said that health is wealth. So physical exercise which keeps us in good health should also be considered as wealth.

Sports and games teach us discipline and sportsmanship. They also develop a sense of leadership in us. They also help us learn good social behaviour and teach us how to win the battle of life.

In most schools sport and games are included in the co-curricular activities. Some students don't realise the importance of sports and games. 

They should know that sports and games are as important as their studies. They should never forget that a sound mind always lies in a sound body.

Therefore, more emphasis should be laid on sports and games in every school. I always take part in sports and games. I like cricket, running and jumping very much.

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