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Good Manners

Outline : 

  • Meaning
  • Their importance in life
  • Importance in school
  • Sources of learning manners
  • Relationship between manners and habits
  • Their role in developing good personality

Man is a social animal. He has to behave with the other people of the society properly so that he can be an ideal person. 

Good manners means good social behavior. They are the personal ways of dealing with or behaving towards other people. They include good conduct, politeness, proper ways of talking and dealing.

A man lives in deeds, not in years. People respect a person for his good manners and remember him even after his death. For success in any aspect of life we need the cooperation of others. 

Without good manners others may not cooperate and one cannot achieve his goal in life. People hate a person who does not know good manners. So good manners play an important role in life.

In school a student comes in contact with teachers and other students. His proper behaviour towards them makes him a good student. So good manners also have similar importance in schools.

Family is the first source of learning good manners. A child learns a lot of good manners from his parents and other elder members of the family. A mother's role is very important for teaching good manners to her children. 

After family, school comes in second place as the source of learning good manners. Teachers and co-learners provide a student ample opportunity to learn good manners. 

Above all a child's manners are mostly shaped by its social environment. While manners mean how one behaves, habits mean how often he does something. Of course good manners can be retained through good habits.

Personality can be developed through proper physical, mental and emotional growth along with good social behaviour. So good manners are essential to develop a good personality.

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