Floods Essay | Short Essay On Floods


floods essay,short essay on floods

Outline : 

  • Overflowing of rivers
  • Causes of floods
  • Description
  • Disadvantages
  • Help by the government and generous people
  • How to get rid of floods

In the rainy season, most rivers often overflow their banks. The water so overflown rushes into villages, towns, and cornfields. This sort of natural calamity is called a flood.

It happens mostly during the rainy season. Arcas is situated close to rivers affected by floods. Rivers like the Ganga, the Brahmaputra, the Mahanadi, the Brahmani, the Rushikulya, and the Bansadhara are in floods every year.

Floods are caused due to continuous and heavy rainfall. Sometimes swelling of the seawater also causes floods because the risen-up water level of the sea does not allow free flow of river water. Soil erosion and deforestation also cause floods these days.

When a river is in flood, its surrounding area looks dreadful. There is water everywhere. The green cornfields hide under the flood water. It brings panic in the affected areas. People hurry to the roofs of houses or high-up places to save their lives.

Mud-built houses collapse. Even high floods wash away pucca buildings. It causes the death of a large number of people and domestic animals. It also damages crops.

Sometimes flood creates alluvial soil on both sides of the river. This is the only advantage of the flood because alluvial soil is fertile.

Government officials and generous people come to the help of the sufferers. They distribute food, clothes and medicines among them and take them to safer places. 

To save the people from the dangers of flooding the river embankments should be made stronger and higher. Low-level villages should be shifted to higher places. 

Programs like afforestation, soil conservation etc. should be taken up widely. Digging up canals and artificial rivers may also help drain out the excess water of the main river and avoid floods.

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