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Essay On Beggars

Outline : 

  • What they do and where they are found
  • Circumstances which force them to beg
  • Their dress and food
  • our opinion about begging

Now beggars are found all over India. They are found in large numbers in holy places and market places. The increasing number of beggars has become a problem now. It is a problem for the people as well as the government.

The main cause of begging is the extreme poverty of the people. Their poverty compels them to beg. We people give them alms when they come to us.

It is nothing but our religious sentiment to give them alms. We fear God so that we never turn down their request for offering some money or food. Some able-bodied people also take this advantage who are unwilling to work hard. But there are some beggars who are blind, lame, deaf or dumb.

They are very weak and infirm. They are actually unable to work hard. We should help them. The able-bodied beggars are false beggars.

Sometimes people are forced to beg due to natural calamities like flood and drought. They are temporary beggars. They are forced to beg for sometime.

The beggars put on very poor clothes due to their poverty. They don't get good dresses to put on. But some beggars deliberately put on torn clothes to attract the attention of the people or draw them to eat such type of food sympathy.

They don't get sufficient food to eat. They eat just to sustain their lives. They never get good or delicious food to eat. They think that they are destined to eat such a type of food.

Since it is a problem, the government should try to solve it without delay. Begging has been stopped in western countries. Govt. should make provisions for them. 

The Govt. should provide allowances only to invalid beggars and valid beggars should be made to do some other productive work. Children should be sent to school.

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