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water pollution essay in english,water pollution
Water Pollution

Outline : 

  • Importance of water 
  • Causes of water pollution
  • Pollution water effects 
  • Its prevention
  • Awareness among common people

It is said that water is life. No living creature can survive without water. In other words, it is essential for all the living beings such as human beings, animals, birds, plants and even reptiles and insects.

Everyday we use water for drinking, washing, bathing etc. It is not at all possible to cook food without water. So water is very important for every creature.

The water we use must be pure and clean. But sometimes water from rivers, ponds, wells etc. becomes polluted for different reasons. We call it water pollution.
The problem of water pollution has become acute now-a-days. Water of rivers, ponds, wells etc. is polluted for several reasons.

Due to rapid industrialisation there have been a large number of mills and factories. The waste materials of these mills and factories are mostly contaminated or poisonous.

They are drained out or thrown into the nearby rivers and lakes and cause water pollution there.

Due to acid rain the water in some rivers and lakes turn acidic. Some people clean dishes and dirty clothes in ponds. Some others also wash their cattle there. So the pond water is polluted.

In holy places people perform puja with flowers, fruits and other eatables. After puja they throw these things into the water of nearby ponds or rivers. Sometimes images of Gods and Goddesses are immersed in ponds and rivers which also causes water pollution.

Washing and cleaning of dirty clothes and other belongings of patients in river or pond water is yet another cause of water pollution.

The effects of water pollution are too many. It causes severe health hazards. In some places people don't get pure drinking water. So they consume the polluted water which is available in the nearby ponds and rivers.

By consuming polluted water people suffer from diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid and some other water-borne diseases. Water pollution also causes skin diseases. The life of plants and animals is also affected by water pollution.

Water pollution can be prevented if common people are well aware of its causes and effects. Waste materials of mills and factories should be buried underground. Cleaning and washing of dirty things should be done outside rivers, ponds and wells but not inside them.

People should avoid all such activities that pollute water. Wise and learned people should convince common people about the causes and effects of water pollution and create awareness among them in this regard.
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