Spring Season Essay | The Season I Like Best

This is the essay about my favorite spring season essay for all level students.
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Spring Season Essay On 10 Lines

Spring season essay 100 words for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4 and class 5 students and kids.

1 - After winter comes spring.

2 - March and April are the months when we don't feel too cold.

3 - The breeze blowing from the south is pleasant.

4 - Green leaves and new buds appear in the tree.

5 - Different flowers bloom, and there is a sweet smell around.

6 - The sky is clear, and stars twinkle brightly.

7 - Dola Jatra falls in this season.

8 - Holi is played with various colored abris.

9 - Students celebrate Saraswati puja in school and colleges.

10 - It is the best of all seasons, though for a short period.

 Spring Season Essay In English

This is the essay about my favorite spring season essay for class 6, class 7, and class 8 students.

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Spring Season Essay

Outline :

  • Spring: the best of all seasons 
  • The time of the year it sets in
  • Natural sights 
  • A season of Festivals
  • Enjoyments
  • Opinion on this season

In India, there are six seasons in a year. The spring season is one of them. It is considered to be the best of all seasons. This season is more enjoyable in cold countries. Spring sets in February and continues until March or part of April in our country. This season follows the winter season.

In this season the nature around us looks very beautiful. The leafless trees of winter look fresh and green with lots of young leaves when spring sets in. They are covered with flowers of different colors. 

The fragrance of these beautiful flowers spreads all around and creates a pleasant atmosphere. The sky is apparent in this season. The moonlit nights of the spring are pretty enjoyable. The sweet and slow breeze blowing from the south brings new life and new strength to creatures. 

The cuckoo sings sweetly on the branches of the mango tree and brings utmost pleasure to the minds of one and all. In short, this season's natural sights and surroundings make everything joyful.

Holi, one of the most important festivals in India, is observed during this season. In most of the districts of Odisha, the Dola Yatra is celebrated with much pomp and pleasure. Most of the marriage ceremonies take place in this part of the year. 

During this season, nature invites everybody to come out of their houses and enjoy the season's gifts in full. There is no fear of heavy rain, intolerable heat, or extreme cold during these days.

Everybody becomes intelligent and active and takes a total interest in outdoor activities. The sweet song of the birds, the fragrance of colorful flowers, and the magic touch of the breeze please me a lot. So I like this season very much.

The Season I Like Most Spring Season Essay

The spring season essay in 500 words in english for class 9 and class 10.

Outline : 

  • Your favorite season
  • Duration
  • Natural scenery during the season 
  • Important activities and festivals 
  • Why other seasons are not as good as spring 
  • How poets have sung of the glory of springtime

A season is a period regarded as having its own characteristic weather. It is any of the four main divisions of the year, namely spring, summer, autumn, and winter. 

Of all the seasons of the year, I like spring most. It is rightly called the Queen of all Seasons since it is our country's most pleasant and agreeable season.

It comes immediately after the dreamy winter. It begins in February and continues till the end of March. At the onset of this season, the bleak winter gives way to a pleasant spring. The weather begins to grow wild and agreeable. 

The bright sun shines all day long. The breeze that blows now is cool and refreshing. It has a charm in it that imparts vigor to our limbs. The rigors of winter disappear, and the fog and the mist become a thing of the past. 

We have warm, bright days, and people welcome the pleasant change. The night sky is starry, and the moonbeams are more pleasing.

The gardens that looked withered in winter seem to regain their life anew. The cuckoo resounds in the atmosphere with its sweet notes. The flower plants look graceful with lovely radiant flowers and sweet fragrances. 

Mango trees are in blossom. Fruits mellow and ripen. Bees hum, and butterflies flutter over the flowers. Birds sing their merry notes. The spirit of joy pervades everywhere.

The snow melts in the mountains because of the warmth of the sunshine. The rivers and streams begin to flow with a murmuring note. The advent of the spring is celebrated by the Basanta Panchami celebrations. The Holi Festival marks the close of the spring.

Now the question arises why other seasons are not as good as spring. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages, but different seasons have more drawbacks than the spring has. Because of the weaknesses of other seasons, spring is considered the best season.

In springtime, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Nature is at its best. One can see greenery everywhere. Different kinds of flowers bloom, and birds Twitter and chirp. People feel energetic. 

The weather is very conducive to outings, picnics, and excursions. Even birds and animals feel the cheering power of spring. There is a gay atmosphere and new life everywhere. Natural beauty and climatic conditions are incomparable.

William Wordsworth, the great poet of nature, sings of the glory of springtime :

" There's joy in the mountains,

There's life in the fountains,

Small clouds are sailing,

The blue sky prevailing;

The rain is over and gone! "

Spring is the year characterized by growth and abundant life, for which I have great admiration for it.

FAQ's On Spring Season Essay:

Q: What do you feel on the spring season?

Ans:- We have warm bright days and I welcome the pleasant change. The night sky is starry and the moonbeams are all the more pleasing. I feel energetic in the spring season. 

Q: What is the spring season essay?

Ans:-  Spring season is a pleasant season from all the seasons. Spring season essay is a few paragraphs of words about its duration, natural sights, the season of festivals and activities, and how we enjoy this season.

Q: Which poem is sung for the spring season?

Ans:- There's joy in the mountains,

         There's life in the fountains,

         Small clouds are sailing,

         The blue sky prevailing;

         The rain is over and gone!

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