Road Safety Essay In English | Best Essay On Road Safety

Writing an essay on the importance of road safety, following the below questions to write each paragraph by using this. Write a better heading of your topic. Then start writing your paragraphs by using below questions.

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Road Safety Essay

Road Safety Essay 

Outline for :- How do you write a road safety essay?

  • How are lots of people killed on the roads?
  • How do road accidents happen? 
  • Are accidents often caused by carelessness?
  • Do people often obey the rule of the road? 
  • Which side does traffic keep to in our country?
  • What must you do before crossing the road?
  • Ought children to play in the street?
  • How can motorists make the roads safe? 
  • Why is it so necessary to obey the traffic rules?

Every year several thousand people are killed on the roads in our country. Quite a large number of people are injured. These people are killed or injured in road accidents. On the main roads and on the streets of our towns and cities the traffic is becoming greater and greater every day.

Streams of buses and motor cars go along the main roads at a great pace and people who are walking must be very careful not to get run over. People often forget the wise saying, ‘It is better to lose a second than to lose a life.'

Some people are always in such a hurry that they cross a street without looking carefully to see whether there is anything coming or not. As a result, they often meet with terrible accidents.

Accidents are often caused by carelessness. There are rules that help to make the roads safe, but people do not always obey the rules. They are careless. If everybody obeys the rules, the roads will be much safer.

In our country traffic keeps to the left. Motorcars, motor-vans, buses, and cyclists must all keep to the left side of the road.

Before crossing the road, we should stop and look both ways. We should look right, look left, and look right again. Then if we are sure that the road is clear, that there is nothing coming, it is safe to cross the road.

Children oughtn't to play in the streets. Many children forget about traffic. When they are flying their kites. They go running down a side road and out onto the main road without looking to see whether a vehicle is coming or not. 

Their eyes are looking up at their kites when they should be looking to see where they are going. We must also teach young children to cross the road safely.

There are many things that motorists can do to make the roads safe. They must take care at crossroads and bends. They must drive slowly when turning into another road. 

A motorist must not try to drive if he is tired or ill. A man who drives after drinking a lot of wine is usually a dangerous driver. His own life, and the lives of others, maybe in danger.

We should always make it a point to obey the traffic rules when we are on the roads and, streets. We should always keep to the left, we should stop, look and listen before crossing the road, etc. If we obey the rules, the roads will be much safer.

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