The Rainy Season Essay | Essay On Rainy Season in English

rainy season essay,essay on rainy season,rainy season essay in english


  • The rainy months 
  • Weather condition
  • Scene and surroundings
  • Festivals observed
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages 
  • Opinion on this season.

In India there are six seasons in a year. The rainy season is one of them. Generally it rains heavily during the months of July and August. So these two months are called rainy months. But in some places it rains even upto September and October.

The south-west monsoon brings rainfall to most parts of India. In this season black clouds appear in the sky. It rains heavily with thunder and lightning. Sometimes it rains continuously for some days.

The summer season dries up the rivers, ponds and wells. They are again filled up in the rainy season. The rains bring happiness after a dry and painful summer.

The rain water brings a total change on the surface of the earth. The trees grow with new leaves. The waste land is filled with green grass. It looks green everywhere.

The rainbow with its colourful show appears in the sky.

Different kinds of fruits, flowers and vegetables grow in this season. Children make paper boats. They float them in rainy water and make merry. 

The peasants are very happy during this season. They work in their fields throughout the day. Food is one of the basic needs of life. No food grain can be grown without rain. It gives life to the creatures on the earth.

Some important festivals are observed during this season. They are Ratha Yatra, Rakhi Purnima, Ganesh Puja and Janmashtami. 15 August, the Independence Day of India is always observed in this season.

Heavy rains cause floods in rivers. It washes away villages. It endangers life and property of people. The roads are muddy. Mosquitoes and flies grow in large numbers and cause various diseases.

In spite of the above disadvantages we treat it as the best of all seasons. It is only because life would be impossible without rain.

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