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Postman essay introduction:

We are Introducing the postman! This person is responsible for handling money transfers and delivering mail, news, and packages to your house. They may also collect mail from your mailbox. The postman usually walks or bicycles from town to town to deliver mail.

The postman essay 10 lines

postman essay for class 5, class 6, and class 7 students in English.

  1. The postman is a government servant.
  2. He works in the post office.
  3. He wears a khaki uniform.
  4. He carries a leather bag.
  5. He puts letters, money orders, and parcels in it.
  6. Postman goes from door to door to deliver the letters.
  7. A postman brings us good and bad news.
  8. They don't care about the sun or shower.
  9. He is very dutiful and honest.
  10. Postman is a good friend of society.


Short essay on postman in English for class 8, class 9, and class 10 students.

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Postman Essay

Outline : 

  • A public servant
  • His place of work
  • His dress
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • How useful to us 
  • His difficulties
  • Our opinion of him

Everybody knows a postman. He is a familiar figure. He is a valuable public servant. He works in the Postal Department. He is posted in a post office.

His place of work may be either in a town or in a village. He puts on a khaki uniform. The uniform is supplied to him by the government.

He carries a bag on his shoulder. This bag contains letters, money orders, and parcels. Anybody can easily recognize him in this dress.

Their works are divided into two parts. He collects letters from the letterboxes kept under his charge. He stamps them and gets the mailbag ready to be sent to other places. 

The double duty he performs is somewhat hard, and He has to move from street to street and door to door to deliver the letters, money orders, and parcels. It is the main part of his daily work.

He is a link between friends and relatives. Of course, he brings us good news and bad news as well. He is welcome by each member of society.

Everybody is eager to see him at his door. When he passes along the street, children ask him if they have letters.

A postman's job is challenging. He has to work outside the office in all weather conditions. He takes the pain of moving from door to door under the sun and showering.

Sometimes the addresses on some letters are not legible. It isn't easy on their part to find out the addresses. The postman is a low-paid government servant. He faces financial hardship with his scanty salary.

He is straightforward, honest, and hardworking—all like his friendly behavior. People should realize his service to them. They should pay proper regard to the postman. Of course, people receive very few letters in this age of cell phones. So the importance of the postman is being felt less these days.

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FAQ's on postman essay in English.

Q: What is the daily routine of a postman?

Ans: A postman collects letters from the letterboxes kept under his charge. He stamps them and gets the mail-bag ready to be sent to other places. He also moves from street to street and door to door to deliver the letters, money orders and parcels. This is the main part of his daily routine work.

Q: What is a post office?

Ans: A post office is a place where people go to send or receive mail, parcels, and money orders.

Q: How does the postman help us?

Ans: Everybody needs to mail something eventually, and the postman is there to help make the process as easy as possible. The postman brings both good and bad news. In delivering your mail, they are also providing you with information about your community.
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