My Neighbour Essay | Good Neighbour Essay In English

My Neighbour Essay In English

My Neighbour Essay In 10 Lines for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4 and class 5 students.

 1- I live near VSS Nagar, Bhubaneswar, with my parents.

 2- Mr. Pawandeep is our neighbour. He lives with his family.

 3- We have been living as neighbours for the last ten years.

 4- He is a great person and works with my father.

 5- As a good neighbor, we spending time with each others.

 6- His son is my classmate, and we are good friends.

 7- Mr. Pawandeep gives sympathy and helps people who are in trouble.

 8- We celebrate with each other, and he is always by our side in our ideal or bad times.

 9- Our relations are amicable to each other.

10- He is the best neighbour, the man we love the most.

10 lines essay on my neighbour in english

Simple essays lines on my neighbour for class 6, class 7, class 8 students.

 1- Mr Subrat Mohapatra is our neighbour.

 2- He is a teacher by profession.

 3- He is very popular with the villagers.

 4- He is straightforward and kind-hearted.

 5- His family members are well behaved.

 6- On special occasions, we eat together.

 7- He helps people in their time of need.

 8- We share our happiness and sorrows.

 9- Hev teaches us suitable moral lessons.

10- He is with us in our weal and woe.

My Neighbour Essay

My neighbour essay for class 9 students.

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Nighbour Essay

Outline: Where we live His name, age, and occupation His appearance Other members of his family His dealings with your family A true neighbour / not a true neighbour We live in Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar. Mr. Biswajit Biswal is our neighbour. He works with my father in the same office. He is about forty-five years old. He is a fair, tall, and middle-aged man. He is pretty handsome. He is also a straightforward and kind-hearted person. His fatherlike behaviour pleases me a lot. His wife, his son, and his daughter are the other members of his family. His son Amitabh is my age. We are in the same class. We are good friends. We go to school together and play together. Mr. Biswal is amicable. At times I visit their house. Amitabh also comes to our house very often. My father was severely in need of money last year. At that time, Mr. Biswal came to our help and lent us some money. On another occasion, Mr. Biswal was out on tour. During his absence, Amitabh suffered from a severe illness. My father took him to the hospital and looked after him. In this way, we help each other. Whenever we go out, we request him to look after our house. He keeps a sharp eye on it until we come back. We also look after their house in their absence. Sometimes both our families go on picnics and pleasure trips. Last year we were to Gopalpur during our summer vacation. We have been living as neighbours for the last five years. There is no single instance of any quarrel or misunderstanding between both families. Our relationship is rather friendly. So I think him to be a true neighbour of ours.

My good neighbour essay

My neighbour essay for class 10 students.

We live on a crowded street in Cuttack, and there are houses around our house. The neighbourhood Is full of people Who work in schools and in offices. There are teachers and office workers, bank clerks, stenographers, typists, and storekeepers all over the place. But next door to our house, a shopkeeper lives, the only one in the whole neighbourhood. He is the best neighbour, the man whom we love the most. His name is Manzur Ali, and he is the only Muslim family in the neighbourhood. Manzur Ali is middle-aged, about 40 years old, and about four feet ten. He lives in a small, single-storied house. His house has a small fruit garden and a large kitchen garden. Manzur Alr's kitchen garden is the best in the whole street. He grows all sorts of vegetables in all seasons. He also raises a lot of bananas and mangoes. All these are for free use in the neighbourhood. You can often see Manzur All going around the neighbourhood with a large bag in his hand. There are fruits for children and sometimes vegetables for one or another family. He gives them away with a big smile on his face. He does not like to be thanked for his generosity. Fruit and vegetables are not the only things Manzur All gives to his neighbours. He gives sympathy and helps people in trouble. When someone is ill in the neighbourhood, Manzur Ali is there to attend to him, call the doctor, or buy medicine. If someone is in trouble, they have a ready helper in Manzur Ali. And if someone is in need, he goes to Manzur Ali, who has something to offer to everyone. One day my father asked him why he did all this for his neighbours, good and bad. He replied, brother, there is only one God, and we are all his children. I don't do anything for anyone. It is he who does things through me. For him, there are no differences between religions, between the rich and the poor. We are all the children of God. We often wonder what the neighbourhood would be without Manzur Ali, the good samaritan.

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