My Favourite Book Essay | The Best Storybook Essay

Books are our friends. We are fond of reading our books like our subject, jokes, story etc. We read many books at different times, but one of them is our favorite. When we read our favorite book we forget our worries and enjoy our reading and imagine our thoughts. Let's write a few words of an essay about favorite books.

Essay on the best story book which I had read (Favourite book essay)

Essay on the best story book which I had read,my Favourite book essay in english,
My Favourite book essay


  • The importance of books
  • your love for books
  • the book you like most 
  • what it is about
  • the author 
  • the main characters 
  • What appeals to you so much
  • what you learn from it
  • How you feel about the book.

Books are, no doubt, our best friends. They provide us with food for thought. They console us in our sorrow and make us forget worries of life.

I have been an avid reader ever since I was a child. I enjoyed reading story books very much. Most of the books that I read avidly during my childhood were collected from my uncle's bookshop. If I were to choose my favourite book, I would mention ‘The Panchatantra’.

The Panchatantra is translated from Sanskrit into English. It is a collection of stories about the animal world. The book was written long ago by a wise man named Vishnu Sharma. My aunt presented the book to me on my birthday.

The book has many ideas in it. Each of the stories contains a moral lesson. Human nature is portrayed here through various animals. The stories are in a narrative form. Damnak and Sanjivak are the main characters. 

Damnak is a jackal and Sanjivak is a bull. The stories are quite amusing. I like to read them again and again. Many of them I can remember so well. I was so surprised to learn how different animals behave differently. They think, plan and act like men. 

All the stories tell us how we can cooperate with each other, how We can show unity when someone attacks. 

The book is indeed a mine of information on human nature and moral lessons. What found nice about this book was that when I went back to reading it again, I found that I liked it as much as I had done, on my first reading. It is such a book that I appreciate every time I read it. 

I still enjoy reading it. The ways of animals behaving like men haunt me today with as much passion as it had years ago to my child's mind. This book is indeed the best classic a child can ever read.

My Favourite Book Essay 10 Lines About 150 Words
My Favourite Book Essay 10 Lines About 150 Words,My Favourite Book Essay 250 Words

My Favourite Book Essay 10 Lines About 150 Words

Books are so many and very charming. I like to to read again and again "Tales of the Punjab" edited by Flora Annie.

A collection of about 40 stories very absorbing indeed. Even in English translation the tales retain their rough, ready wit.

There is drama and humanity in all of them. The tales are old yet ever new "Raja Risalu" , "the wrestlers", "the Barber's Clever Wife", I like best.

There are tales of wizards, princes, serpents and talking beasts.

In these tales we recognize the universal evils and timeless golden values of mankind. Beauty, truth and honour conquer evils in the long run.

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