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This essay is about on my class teacher in english language for all class of students. In this post we provide you some essays between 300 words to 500 words and also on 10 lines for kids about 100 to 150 words.


Essay on our class teacher in 300 words

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Class Teacher Essay


  • Who is your class teacher
  • His name, age, and qualification
  • His good qualities
  • He's dealing with the headmaster and other teachers
  • His dealing with students, their parents, and guardians
  • Your opinion on him.

Generally there. are several classes in every school. In some schools, each class is divided into some sections. A teacher remains in charge of each class. He is known as the class teacher.

I am in Class X-B. Sri Bichitrananda Dash is our class teacher. He is about 50 years old. He is an M.SC. in Mathematics. He has also done his P.G degree in education. He is thin and tall. With a smiling face, he looks smart and active.

He comes to our class in the first period every day. At first, he marks the attendance of the students. Then he starts teaching. He teaches us mathematics. He has been teaching this subject in our school for the last twenty years.

His teaching process is simple and easy to understand. His good teaching has enabled the students of our class to score good marks in mathematics.

Our class teacher is a fine gentleman. He is very simple in the dress. Maintaining proper discipline in the class and making the students attentive to their studies are some of his good qualities.

He is punctual and dutiful, Our headmaster likes him very much because he is sincere and deft in teaching mathematics. He is very friendly to the other teachers of the school. He also gets on well with them.

The teachers and other staff members of the school like him very much. He loves the students and they like him very much.

The parents and guardians of the students are pleased with him. He keeps constant touch with them and makes them aware of the performance of their children. In this way, he is popular among the parents and guardians.

In my opinion, Mr. Bichitrananda Dash is an ideal class teacher. I am impressed by his good qualities and like him very much. At times his fatherly attitude pleases me a lot. I wish there were class teachers like him in all the classes.

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Short essay on your class teacher

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Favourite Class Teacher


  • What school do you go to and what class you are in
  • Who your class teacher is her age and appearance
  • The subjects she teaches her academic qualifications and professional degrees she holds
  • What her lessons are like and how you benefit from them
  • Her temperament
  • Keeps discipline in class
  • Why do you consider her a good teacher?

I go to Capital High School, Bhubaneswar. I am in class VI-A at this school. Miss S. Pattnaik is my class teacher. She is a pleasant young lady of thirty. She is rather stout and has a rosy complexion. She teaches us English and History. She is an M.A. in English and holds a master's degree in Education. 

She has specialized in teaching English as a second language and holds a Diploma in the Teaching of English as a Second Language from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad. She has a good command of the English language and speaks English with a British accent.

She is a wonderful teacher She has such a sweet temperament. She has an easy, frank manner. She never gets angry when a pupil fails to answer any question. She encourages us to learn our lessons properly. She explains things in a simple and clear manner.

She is extremely gentle and soft-spoken. She is always ready to help her pupils. But she is very strict in the matter of discipline. She pays great attention to the discipline of the children in our class.

Her English and History classes are very lively and instructive. She makes her History classes interesting with the help of charts, maps, and other materials.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Miss Pattnaik as our class teacher. We own Our success to her and we are sure that her guidance will go a long way towards helping us in our future academic career. To be perfect.

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