My Birthday Essay | Best OF My Birthday Party Celebration

  My birthday essay is in 10 lines for class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7

  1. my name is Biswa Ranjan Sahoo and I am about 16 years.
  2. I was born on 2nd Dec on 2007 since my birthday was celebrated on this date every year.
  3. I was feel very special on this day. I get up early in the morning and go to the temple to take the darshan of Lord Jagannath.
  4. My parents made an arrangement for a birthday party celebration at home. I invite all my friends and relatives to this special day at home.
  5. The birthday celebration room was well decorated With colorful papers and balloons. Friends and relatives bring lots of gifts for me.
  6. I cut the cake into pieces. All of them wished and sing happy birthday. Cakes and sweets were distributed to all who were present.
  7. My mother cooked delicious food for all of us. We enjoyed the dinner with great joy.
  8. My brother and I played many games and also played musical chairs.
  9. At late night all goes their home and I go to bed at last after saying thanks to my parents.
  10. Birthday is the most memorable day, which brings us a happy moment.

My birthday essay

My Birthday Essay,Best OF My Birthday Party Celebration
My birthday essay in english

Q: How do I write my Birthday Essay?


  • Day, month, and year of your birthday
  • Preparation and arrangements for the occasion
  • How you feel on the day
  • How the day was observed
  • Greetings and presents
  • Your opinion on observing the birthday

My name is Abhipsa Biswal. I am a girl of fourteen. I was born in Nimapada on the 22nd day of March 2004. Since then my birthday is observed on the above date every year. We live in Puri as my father works in a bank here. So my 14th birth anniversary was celebrated on 22 March 2021.

My parents made arrangements for a small party on this occasion. All our friends and relatives were invited to my birthday celebration. Two days before my birthday, my parents went shopping and bought everything necessary for the party including a pair of new dresses for me.

I was in a very joyous mood on my birthday. On that day I got up early in the morning and looked forward to seeing my friends. My birthday was observed both in the traditional custom and according to the modern practice. 

Our family priest came to our house and performed puja. He also blessed me by chanting some mantras. Then I went to the temple of Lord Jagannath with my uncle and offered my prayers. After I returned home, I saw that a big birthday cake was ready. 

The room was well decorated With colorful papers and balloons. I cut the cake into pieces in the presence of all my family members, friends, and relatives. All of them wished me a happy birthday. Cakes and sweets were distributed to all who were present. All the invitees enjoyed the delicious lunch arranged on this occasion.

I received a lot of presents and greetings on the Occasion of my birthday. There were dresses, books, and other gift items. My uncle presented me with an attractive wristwatch. 

Some of my friends couldn't attend the ceremony. However they had sent their greetings by Email and through cell phone messages, Wishing me a happy birthday and a happy prosperous life.

The birthday of a person is an important day in his/her life. So birthdays are observed by most people all over the world. Those who do not observe it should feel the importance of the day and observe it.

My Birthday celebration Essay

My Birthday celebration Essay,My Birthday party Essay
My birthday party essay

Q: How do you write a Birthday Celebration?

Q: How you celebrate your birthday paragraph?

ANS:- Outline:- Birthday party essay 

  • What a birthday is
  • When your birthday falls
  • Which birthday did you deserve last time
  • Arrangements for the occasion
  • Celebrations, birthday cake, delicious dishes 
  • Arrival of guests and relatives 
  • Gifts and presents
  • Many happy returns of the day 
  • A grand party 
  • Your feelings.

A birthday is the anniversary day of a person's birth (when he/she was born). Birthdays are usually the occasions for rejoicing, feasting, and merrymaking. Relatives and friends gathered on this occasion and wished many happy returns of the day. They bring with them beautiful presents.

I am a boy of fourteen and I am in Class IX at a high school. I am the only child of my parents and the star of their eyes. I have a grand party once every year on my birthday, which falls on 9th November. New clothes are made for me. It is a day of excitement and joy for me.

On my birthday last year, our drawing-room was beautifully decorated with too many flowers, colorful balloons, and colorful paper buntings. Our relatives and my friends were invited to attend the party. My mother prepared delicious dishes to entertain the guests.

The celebrations began in the evening. When all my friends and relatives arrived. They all welcomed me and gave me presents wrapped in beautiful shiny paper. 

The birthday cake was placed on a large table with candles. The candles were burning. Then I blew them out in one blow and cut the cake. My friends and relatives cheered me saying, 'Happy birthday to you and wished me many happy returns of the day.

Then the guests were served cake pieces, sweets, fruit, salad, and soft drinks. In the end, they were treated to a fine dinner. Children were given toffees and chocolates. I felt very important in my new clothes. My birthday was indeed a special occasion!

When we had all eaten our fill, we moved on to playing games. We had planned a variety of games to fill the night with fun. To my satisfaction, everything went on smoothly until late in the night. 

At about 11 o'clock the last of my guests took their leave. Then I thanked my parents for celebrating my birthday in such a grand style. I wished there had been many such birthday parties.


Q: How can we celebrate birthdays at home?

Ans: Decorate the room with colorful flowers and balloons. Call your family priest to come to your house and perform puja. Bring a cake of your choice and place it on a large table. Cut the cake and distribute it to each all. Arrange a small party and dinner, Invite relatives, friends, and neighbors.

Q: What does Happy birthday mean?

Ans: Birthday is a memorable day when I was born. Happy birthday is the word we use to wish someone on his/her birthday like HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. On this day our family and elders are blessing us for our good health and wealth. 
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