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The Farmer Essay 10 Lines

An indian farmer essay 100 words: - Farmer essay in English for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4 and class 5 students and kids. 

 1 - Farmers are the backbone of our nation.

 2 - They depend on agriculture.

 3 - A farmer lives in a village in a mud house.

 4 - He wears a simple dress.

 5 - He works hard in the sun and showers.

 6 - Every farmer gets up early and goes to their land for work.

 7 - He eats very simple food.

 8 - He is illiterate. He can't give proper education to his children.

 9 - The whole country depends on them for food.

10- We should try to improve their lot.

Essay On Farmer In English 10 Lines

An Indian Farmer Essay for class 6, class 7, and class 8 students on 150 Words

 1 - India is a populous agricultural country. More than seventy percent of its population are farmers.

 2 - An Indian farmer should be respected by everyone.

 3 - Farmers produce grains and vegetables for the citizens of the country.

 4 - The farmers are happy with their land full of paddy and other grains.

 5 - Due to the hard work of the farmers, India exports various agricultural products to other countries.

 6 - Her routine is sowing seeds before the rainy season, hoping for timely rains, fewer pests, and a good harvest of fruits and vegetables. 

 7 - Most of the farmers are small and marginal.

 8 - Due to farmers' financial conditions, they are unable to give proper education to their children.

 9 - A farmer's job is challenging. Farmers work in their fields from morning till evening.

10- It has been rightly said that ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.

11- We need to view agriculture as an enterprise and farmers as an entrepreneur.

 An Indian Farmer Essay In English

The Indian farmer essay in English for class 10 and class 9 students.

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Indian Farmer Essay

Outline : 

  • India: a land of farmers 
  • The daily life of an Indian farmer
  • His family
  • His financial condition and cause of poverty
  • His position in the society
  • Farmers in the post
  • Independence India

India is a populous country. More than seventy percent of its population are farmers. They widely live in villages and small towns. So India is said to be a land of farmers.

Some farmers of India have land of their own. The others have no own land, but they work as agricultural laborers. A farmer's job is very difficult. He has to work on his cornfield throughout the day. 

Early in the morning, he gets up and goes to his field, and remains busy at work. He sustains a lot of physical strain while performing different activities to grow crops. 

At times his wife carries his lunch to the field. He usually goes to bed early as he feels exhausted in the evening after hard work. 

A farmer's family consists of his wife, some children, and himself. He is often unable to take care of the health and education of his family due to his dire financial condition.

The financial condition of most of the farmers of India is not good. Some of them are below the poverty line.

In rural areas, some farmers are either illiterate or not well-educated. Hence they don't know the scientific methods of cultivation. 

Some are small farmers and don't have the required funds for investment. As a result, they produce corn at a low rate. 

Some Indian farmers live a hand-to-mouth life. There are others whose standard of living is still worse. A farmer's position in society is not so good. He is not regarded as necessary as others. 

With his hard labor and sincere work, he feeds many people, but nobody cares about his hardship. However, the condition of the Indian farmers has changed a lot in post-independence India.

The government has taken steps to improve agriculture and raise the standard of living of the farmers. Proper care is being taken to provide more education and health services for the poor farmers. 

As a result of this, there has been spectacular improvement in the lifestyle of Indian farmers.

A farmer paragraph on Indian farmers Essay in English

Short paragraph on Indian farmer essay

India is an agricultural country. Most of the villagers do farming. India exports various agricultural products and gains a large sum of foreign currency. It’s all because of the hard work of the farmers. 

We eat the food from the farmers' fields who have to work hard every season. We owe a lot of gratitude to farmers. They toil in burning sunlight to provide us with our daily meals. The farmers plow their fields and sow seeds. 

They add manure and fertilizers for the healthy growth of the crop. They provide water to the plants with various methods of irrigation. They know the excellent seasons for showing different kinds of seeds. They protect the crops from pests, animals, and trespassers. Farmers live a tough life.

They rise early and work until evening. In summer, they bear the scorching sun. Finally, the crops are ready for reaping. A lot of hard work is also required at this stage. The vegetables, cereals, and pulses reach our houses after the endless trouble of the farmers. It has been rightly said that ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.’

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