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Ideal Citizenship


  • Definition
  • Importance of citizenship
  • Qualities of a good citizen
  • Sense of rights and duties
  • Concern for the society and people
  • Usefulness of citizenship

Literally a person who lives in a particular city is a citizen. But in the present day democratic set up its meaning has been widened. A person who belongs to a country by birth, shows loyalty to the country and expects protection from it is called a citizen. 

The role of citizens in a democracy is very important. They make the government and if necessary they cause its fall.

A good citizen is always loyal to his country. He should be selfless and do everything for the welfare of the nation.

A citizen should be intelligent and well-educated. He should have all the human values like morality, sincerity, integrity etc. 

A good citizen should have the sense of his rights and duties. He should be well aware of all the political, social and economic rights of a citizen and enjoy them fully. 

At the same time he should perform all his duties properly. Owing allegiance to the state, obeying the law, paying taxes, maintaining unity and harmony are some of his important duties. Ideal citizens always lay equal emphasis on their rights and duties.

Every citizen has to do something for the people and society. While enjoying his rights, he should see that others are not deprived of it.

He should perform some moral duties like helping the poor and helpless and serving the sick and the injured. He should be ready to dedicate his personal interest for the larger interest of the people and society.

Citizenship is quite useful both to the citizens and the state. Good and ideal citizens lead the country towards prosperity.

In large democracies like India poverty and ignorance cause hindrances to good citizenship.

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