Forest Essay In English | Best Essay On The importance of Forest

Forest Essay 

Simple Essay On The Forest For Class 8, Class 9 and Class 10 students.

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Beauty of forests

Outline : 

  • Forests are part of nature
  • Description of forests
  • Things we get from forests
  • The present state of forests
  • Reason for the present state
  • Our duty for their preservation
  • Necessity of their preservation

Forests are a part of our natural surroundings like widespread blue sky and oceans. A large number of plants, trees, and creepers are found in forests. It is also the adobe of different kinds of wild animals. Generally, forests are away from cities, towns, and big villages. A few small villages are found in or around forests.

Forests are great sources of our day-to-day needs. Firewood is essential for cooking, building houses, and making furniture. We need timber. Forest gives us plenty of timber and firewood. Further, we get bamboo, grass, resin, lacs, herbal plants, etc. from forests.

The trees in forests supply a large quantity of oxygen to the atmosphere. If there are more forests, there is sufficient oxygen in the atmosphere. Forests are also helpful in controlling floods and soil erosion.

In older days most parts of the earth's surface were covered with forests. But it has been decreasing day by day. Due to deforestation now the land area covered by forests has become quite less.

So the present state of the forests is quite discouraging. Population explosion in the present-day world has been the basic reason for this state of forests. People cut down a lot of trees recklessly to meet the needs of ever growing population. Some people destroy forests and convert them to farm land. Shifting cultivation also causes deforestation.

It is time for us to think seriously about the precarious condition of forests. We should stop the practice of cutting down trees. Further we should plant more and more trees to fill up the gap already made and preserve trees for our future requirement.

We should realize that preservation of forests is very necessary. Unless we take care of the forests now, the day will come when their absence will cause our destruction.

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