Computer Essay in English | Essay On Computer


computer essay in english, essay on computer

Outline : 

  • A gift of modern science
  • Its invention and developments
  • Its uses its advantages 
  • Importance of computer knowledge

Computers are the most important gift of modern science. Its use has become so widespread that modern age is called the age of computers. 

Now-a-days most of the business establishments, industrial institutions, banks and government offices use computers for their day to day work.

Although the modern electronic computer was invented in 1935, some scientists had been working for it long before. 

Gradually it is being developed. There are two types of computers - digital and analogue computers. 

Digital computers are used for mathematical calculations. On the other hand, analogue computers are used for ascertaining diseases in the human body.

Computers do a lot of work for man. Computers can do something in a few times which a man would take several hours or days to do. 

Management of offices and factories, teaching of lessons, evaluating examination papers and finalising results, preparing telephone and electricity bills, transactions in banks, preparing plans and designs of roads and building etc. are easily made by present day computers. It is even used for medical tests, weather forecast and printing of books.

The memory power of a computer is far more than that of a man. So important information can be saved and stored in it. It saves a lot of man's time. It works most faithfully. It is operated by a person, but its function is far more than that of a human being.

Computer knowledge has become essential today. A person with a lot of educational qualification may not be able to work in modern organizations without the knowledge of computers.

Therefore to cope with the modern age most young men are interested to have computer knowledge.

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