Air pollution essay | short essay on air pollution


air pollution essay,short essay on air pollution

  • Outline : Importance of air
  • Causes of air pollution 
  • Its effects 
  • Ways of preventing air pollution 
  • Human life and pure air

Life on earth would be impossible without air, A man can live without food for a month, without water for two or three days, but he cannot live without air for a minute. There lies the importance of air. 

Oxygen is a useful gas. But carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and some other gases are harmful to human life. When the oxygen level gets reduced and harmful gases increase in the atmosphere, air is said to be polluted. This stage of the atmosphere is called air pollution.

There are several causes of air pollution. In this modern age of science we use a large numbers of vehicles such as buses, cars, trucks, etc. which leave out a lot of smoke and other harmful gases into the atmosphere and cause air pollution. 

In the name of industrial development a lot of mills and factories have been set up. These industries spew dense smoke along with other harmful gases through their chimneys and pollute the air. 

Due to continuous deforestation the number of plants is decreasing day by day which causes reduction in the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Shortage of oxygen is also another cause of air pollution.

Air pollution affects the animal world in several ways. By inhaling polluted air people suffer from respiratory illness, eye irritation and skin diseases.

Global warming and acid rain are also caused by air pollution. Both of these have damaging effects on human beings, plants and fishes.

Air pollution can be prevented by the use of vehicles which produce less smoke. For this the old vehicles should be redesigned. Automobiles should have pollution free engines and be checked from time to time.

The factories should have very high chimneys so that the smoke they leave out should reach the higher level of the atmosphere.

Changing the raw materials used in factories, raising the heights of the chimneys and designing equipment to trap pollutants are the three important measures for preventing air pollution.

Human life absolutely depends on pure air. If air is polluted and made impure it may one day cause the destruction of humanity. Everybody should think seriously and be very careful about it.

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