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Essay On Cricket Match 

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Cricket Match


  • Cricket: a popular game
  • Place where held in
  • The rival teams
  • The opening batsman
  • The first innings
  • The second innings
  • The winning team

Cricket is played in a number of countries of the world. So it is considered as an international game. This game has been very popular in India. It is played all over India. Even children in rural areas play cricket regularly and take much pleasure out of it.

A cricket tournament was organized by the sports committee of our town during December last year. Twenty cricket teams belonging to the surrounding towns and villages took part in this tournament.

The first match was played between the Sunshine Club of Haripur and the JupiterClub of Kantapada. I had the opportunity to watch this match from the beginning till the end. 

This match was played on the playground of a local college. A large number of people gathered here to watch the match.

The weather was very fine on that day. Both the teams entered the ground on time. The captain of the Jupiter team won the toss and decided to bat first.

Two batsmen of the team went to the pitch to open the first innings. They had a good start. One of them hit the ball with hard strokes. He scored 74 runs including some fours and sixes. 

The onlookers clapped and cheered the players at the exciting moments of the innings. However, the players of the Jupiter team were declared out one after another. They were all out for 211 runs.

Then the turn of the Sunshine team came. Although they started well and scored some runs at the beginning, their performance was not satisfactory later on. 

All their wickets fell very soon. Struggling hard, they could score 168 runs only. There were very few fours and sixes. The bowlers of the Jupiter team were stronger. So it was easy for them to take all the wickets in 35 overs.

At last, the Jupiter team was declared to have won the match. The onlookers cheered and congratulated them. It was an interesting cricket match.

 A Cricket Match Essay

a cricket match essay in english,a cricket match essay for all class students
A Memoriable Cricket March Essay


  • Cricket, a very popular game now-a-days
  • Place and date of the match
  • The two teams and the umpires
  • The spectators exciting moments
  • The result of the match
  • How you enjoyed the match.

Cricket is a very popular game. It is a means of keeping our body physically fit and mentally alert. It inculcates the quality of sportsmanship. I am immensely fond of playing cricket.

Last Sunday there was a cricket match between our school team andGopabandhu High School team. It was played at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack. It was a limited-overs match.

A large number of students and spectators from all walks of life came to see it.

Our team was as strong as the Gopabandhu High School team and there were many good players in. The players looked very active and smart in the new uniform. 

Mr. G. Patnaik and Mr. N. Monapaura were the umpires. The captains came out of the pavilion and went straight to the turf pitch in the middle of the ground for a toss. Our opponents won the toss and invited us to bat first.

Our openers Sasnikant and Rabin were in great form. They are fine batsmen. They hit the balls hard and scored runs quickly. 

The pair scored fifty runs in just five overs. They were well-set for a big score. However, one google from Santanu did a great trick and Sashikant was declared out leg before the wicket. 

Soon Rabin also left after getting out cleanly bowled by Aziz. The run rate went down. In the next thirty overs our boys Scored only ninety runs and were all out for one hundred and forty runs in the allotted thirty-five overs.

Then came the tum of our opponents. Their opening players could hardly stand our pace attack. Sumit and Jajatu could hardly score five runs and were out. 

The next two wickets also fell cheaply. Then came the captain, Sanjay and Mohan started punishing our bowlers dangerously. 

They were able to score one hundred runs in just twenty overs. Soon Sanjay ran out. Mohan too lost confidence and was caught behind the wicket by Nabin.

Then the team collapsed. The wicket started falling one after another. The entire team was out in thirty-four overs for one hundred and thirty-five runs. 

Our friends and admirers stormed the ground to congratulate us in a well-deserved victory.

It was, indeed, a great match. I still cherish the memory of this match.

I believe in playing games. I do not mind victory. I mind the game. Long live the game of cricket.

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