My Grandmother Essay in English | Best essay on My grandmother for class 10

Q:- How do I write an essay about my grandmother?


My Grandmother

  • Her name, age and education
  • Her appearance her role in the family
  • Her work
  • Her dealing with the other members of the family
  • Her importance in the family.
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Essay on my Grandmother

My grandmother's name is Saraswati Pattanaik.She is an old woman. She is about seventy years old.My grandfather died a few years ago. Since then my grandmother has become a widow. 

She is not a highly qualified woman. She has only completed her primary education. She says that during her childhood people did not emphasise on woman education. 

Moreover her native place was a small village where the local girls could study only upto the primary level. Of course, She is able to read and write mother language perfectly.

Every morning and evening she reads holy scriptures and performs puja singing devotional songs.

My grandmother is old, bent and toothless. Her eyesight and hearing is not good. She often wears glasses. She always wears a long white saree. With her simple dress she looks like a pious lady. 

She is the eldest member in our family, She has a respectable position in the family. My father, my mother and both my brother and sister pay her the highest respect. She loves us very much and gives us good advice. 

She does some simple and light household work.Sometimes she helps my mother in some work like Sweeping of rooms, washing clothes and cleaning utensils. She takes care of my younger brother and sister while my mother is otherwise busy.

Her heart is full of love and affection for all of us.She always wishes for the welfare and prosperity of the family. She maintains a very good relationship with all of us. None of us is dissatisfied with her.

I Like my grandmother very much, I Remember those days when my mother was busy at work and I was enjoying the warmth of my grandmother's lap, I have I listened to a lot of stories from her. 

Old men and old women are aged persons in a family. They have acquired a lot of
experience in life. With their advice and guidance a family can be managed smoothly. Accordingly, I feel that my grandmother is quite helpfül and useful to our family.

My grandmother essay class 10

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Grandmother essay 400words


  • What your grandmother is like 
  • What you think is the reason for her present state 
  • Her performance of religious rites 
  • Why children are so much attached to her
  • Everybody in the family and in the neighbourhood respect her and seek her advice 
  • Her orthodox habits
  • She is not so rigid 
  • How she is treated like a living goddess.

My grandmother like anybody else's grandmother is an elderly woman. She is in her early seventies. Her name is Binita Das.

Though she is getting on a bit now, she enjoys good health. She has a chubby face though there are a few wrinkles round her eyes. 

She is always smiling and I think that is the result of her calm and quiet nature. Even at this age, she is very active and hard-working. 

At times we are surprised at her agility. She runs our household, supervises all important jobs in the family. She does some of the jobs herself. 

She is quite tall and thin. Her eyesight, however, is quite good and she can read without glasses. She has very sound white teeth and she can easily bite and chew food unlike most other women of her age.

She is a very religious lady. She is keen on the performance of religious rites. She gets up very early in the morning.

Before we get up, she has already had her bath. Soon after bath she goes to the nearby temple to offer her prayers to Lord Siva. We eagerly wait for her to comeback so that we might have the prasad she brings for us. 

She is rather affectionate and caring. we are her grandchildren and attached to her more than to our parents. When we were-in the Village before shifting to the city, she regularly accompanied me to school and left me there.

One thing special about her is that she never crosses paths with us. She always expresses her burning passion for us all. But she is equally generous to other children.

My father and my uncle always seek her advice on all social matters. She is the most respected lady in the neighbourhood. Ladies, young or old, come to her for her advice. Sometimes they come to her with their problems. In the afternoon lots of women flock around her.

They feel flattered when they have an occasion to do her a little service. Sometimes she regales them with her own experiences. They listen to her eagerly and with great interest.

Like all old women she has some orthodox habits but unlike other old women she has
a surprising quality to change with the time. Nobody forces her but she herself has changed many of her superstitious beliefs and habits.

We are all thankful that we have such a loving, caring and pleasant grandmother. We all simply adore her and treat her like a living goddess. She is our most prized possession.
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