Write essay on Holi festival of colors in 350 words

 essay on Holi festival of colors

Happy holi essay,happy holi
Happy holi essay

Holi is the most beautiful and important Hindu festival in India. Now holi is celebrated all around the world. Because Holi is the festival of love. People are staying for this festivity truly eagerly and enjoy playing with colors and eating tasteful foods with family and intimates.

People are making natural colors at home before this festival. On the day of Holi, Children come out of their homes in the early morning with colors powder and water colour pichkari to enjoy with intimates. 

Women of the houses preparing needed things like special and yummy dishes and sweets to welcome their neighbors, friends, and relatives at holi.

Holi celebration is a part of pleasure and happiness which spreads an honest color and pleasure in our life. People sprinkle paint on each other and break all the walls of separation between them. The significance behind celebrating this celebration is the great history of Prahlad and his aunt Holika.

History Of The festival

Many of the poems are associated with the Holi festival. one of the famous stories of Prahlad. 

It's believed that in the past there was a powerful king named Hiranyakashipu. Halfway through his pride, he began to think of himself as God. He forbade the taking of God's name in his kingdom. 

However, his own son was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and he refused to worship his father. The king was angry with his own son and asked his sister Holika to hold his son and sit on the fire. Prahlad was saved by Lord Vishnu, While sitting in the fire but Holika died, that day is also known as Holika Dahan.

Everyone enjoy this celebration by singing, dancing, playing colors, and eating savory food. It's a Public holiday when all the academies, institutions, universities, departments, banks, and other institutions run unrestricted. so that people can go home and exhaustively enjoy this special festivity. Not this year holi but every year's holi brings for us happiness and blessing as a gift.

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