Short Essay on my school 500 words in English for class 9 and 10


How can I write an essay about my school ?

Writing an essay is very simple when we know how to write a simple or expensive essay. We also know about our school. Clean your mind and take a look below keywords points. Keep these points to set in mind.

  • Introduction
  • Description of my school
  • Facilities available for us
  • My friends
  • My teachers
  • My studies
  • Conclusion

The above points are helping us to write a paragraph of essay on our school. Our aim is to write better essay on my school. Let's start writing a good paragraph by using the above words.

Write essay on my school in English

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Essay On My School


The school where I read happens to be one of the best of its type in my state. It was established more than forty years ago and named after one of the greatest poets of my state. I am proud of reading in the same school from where my father and uncle studied. 

Description of my school:-

As we enter the school our eyes fall on the splendid statue of the greatest man who was also a nationalist in pre-independence days. The school building was originally e-shaped. Subsequently examinations were made in the reverse direction in the three sides. 

Now the rectangular shaped building has a spacious courtyard with a platform which serves the purpose of holding meetings and staging plays. In addition to it new buildings have been constructed to accommodate post graduate departments of science. 

There is enough space in the front side of the school to accommodate a football field and a spacious lawn. Inside the school campus there are three hostels, one of these is exclusively for the ladies students. 

Facilities available for us:-

Their teaching facilities are very good. There is only one common room for men students. The women students also have one common room for them. The school hums with activity right from 10 a.m. in the morning. In the afternoon hours different kinds of games are played in the school field as well as in the open space. 

Sweet tunes of orchestral music percolate from the room, where the music society of the school holds its sessions under the guidance of expert musicians. Every student of the school contributes annually to the drama. Society as well as the music society of the school. 

My friends:-

As I stay in one of the school hostels, I have a good number of friends with whom I have formal exchange of views. Some of them sometimes invite me to visit the restaurants. 

I also reciprocate by inviting them to visit the canteens. This relationship is more or less formal. But I have a few friends who are as deeply attached to me as I am, to them. 

My teachers:-

Although most of our teachers are reputed scholars, the student-teacher relationship is not that deep. They don't know us. We know only a few of them. There are so many of us that it is not possible for them to keep close contact with us. Some closeness develops with teachers who take our tutorial classes. Boarders generally have a close relationship with the hostel superintendent. 

Our studies:-

Library facilities are not enough. Yet we took books from the library to study. Reading facilities inside the library are not adequate. Study hours are observed in the hostel. But no one comes to warn boarders who don't read and while away their time. Sometimes the study atmosphere in the school is disturbed by agitations. 


All told, I am proud of being a student of the school where I have been pursuing my studies. It is one of the best schools in the state, where many eminent educationists have worked as principals and members of the teaching staff. 

That's all. Combine all paragraphs. At last we get an essay about our school by helping with the above points. If you like this essay please forward this article to your friends. Thank you!

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