short essay about my hobby in 300 words for students victory

Short Essay About My Hobby in English

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Essay on my hobby

My hobbies include among others, playing cricket , riding a bicycle and acting as an amateur player. I spend quite a lot of time in the pursuit of my hobbies.

   I am the captain of our village cricket team. I am not so good at bowling. But my batting is appreciated by the spectators. I play with my own bat which my uncle bought for me from Calcutta. When I am at the crease , my team feels safe. I also represent our school cricket team and have played against other school teams. I like to read from the newspaper the achievements of great Indian cricketers. I watch in tv matches played between India and other countries.I also listen to radio commentaries on cricket. 

   Riding bicycle is one of my favourite hobbies. I enjoy riding my bicycle while gliding down a Hilly road. Sometimes I invite a friend cyclist to accompany me on a bicycle tour to other dist. 

   Once I went on a long tour with four friends. Our bicycles were in very good condition. We started from our village and reached Bhubaneswar on the sixth day of our journey. We used to start our journey after breakfast very early in the morning. After bicycling for two hours at a stretch we rested for a while at way side shops. By evening we used to cover a little distance.

    An opportunity to act in amateur play is something which I can't avoid. Every year we stage a play in our village during the Puja holidays. I also take interest and act in the inter-class drama competition held in the school every year.

   Though I often engage myself in reading novels, playing indoor games and arranging picnics. My interest in them is temporary. Hence I don't consider them as my hobbies.

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