Write Essay on a Visit to a Beautiful Historical Place

Journey is the best part of our enjoyable life. We like to visit historical places like the taj mahal, historical buildings, caves etc.. Let's write a short essay about a visit to a historical place in 500 words.

Write Essay on a Visit to a Beautiful Historical Place,short essay
Visit to a Beautiful Historical Place

During the last summer vacation I got an opportunity to visit Puri. My uncle gave me some rupees on my birthday. Fortunately one of my friends accompanied me and we had a very happy time at Puri. We reached there by 9 o' clock in the morning. We had written to a friend who happened to be staying with his parents at Puri. He had come to the railway station to receive us. He took us to his own house and we stayed there. He did not allow us to stay in a hotel. We had come prepared to stay in a hotel near the sea beach. But my friend's mother insisted on staying in their house. Puri is a place of pilgrimage. Thousands of people from various parts of the country come here every day to have a darshan of Lord Jagannath. The temple of the Lord is situated at the central point of the town on a hillock called Nilagiri. The entrance gate of the temple leads to the twenty two wide steps. Where thousands of devotees going into and coming out of the temple are easily accommodated. The main temple is surrounded by a cluster of small temples , where gods and goddesses are worshiped. In the main temple Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and their sister Subhadra are worshiped. Inside the temple, thousands of devotees offer prayers, singing hymns. Every day Mahaprasad is sold to thousands of devotees inside the temple at Ananda bazar. Great sanctity is attributed to this Mahaprasad which is carried in carts, trucks and buses to distant places for distribution. Jagannath is not only the Lord of the Hindus. He is also worshiped by the Buddhists and the Jain's. Shortly after reaching Puri, we went to Lord Jagannath's temple to offer our prayers. We again visited the temple and at Mahaprasad there. In the afternoon we went to the sea beach. The cool and refreshing air of the full moon night sea beach soothed our Nerves. We saw some Indians and foreigners bathing together in the sea. The sea shore was packed with people of many cultures, speaking many languages. Photographers were approaching a group of people with offers to take their photographs. The young and the old , men and women, the rich and poor all were gathered here in thousands to be lost for a while near the vastness of the sea. This is a place where one easily feels own insignificance. The main road which is called Bada-Danda is very wide. The shops on either side of the road and the cabin shops in front of them are always crowded by groups of buyers. After staying at Puri for two very enjoyable days, my friends and I returned by bus with crowds of memories haunting us on our way till we reached our place. Conclusion:- Finally we completed our historical place essay in english for every student of class 8 to class 10. I hope you like this article.

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