Essay on A Journey By Train | Railway Journey Essay

Simple steps to follow, Write an essay by using the below helping keywords to describe them.

  • Enjoyable in the company with friends
  • My experience of traveling in a super fast train
  • Catering arrangement inside the compartment
  • Availability of tea and coffee and reading materials
  • Clearing of the compartment
  • How we spent time and reached destination

Short Essay On Railway Journey

Essay on journey by train,a railway journey
Essay on journey by train

A journey by train is enjoyable if there are friends who join us in the same compartment. Express trains or super-fast trains are best for long journeys. For short distances the passenger train is generally used.

  The comfort of a railway journey is dependent on the cleanliness of the compartment and the habits of the yellow passengers. Besides, the toilet must be clean and should have a nonstop supply of water for conducting a smooth journey.

Recently I had been to New Delhi by the Neelanchal express, which left Cuttack at about 12 noon. Two of my most intimate friends were also in the same compartment. We had booked train tickets online for a reserved seat.

The compartment was clean, so also the lavatories. We had taken some dry food with us from home. The Neelanchal express is a super fast train.

     The arrangement of food and tiffin in our seat saves you the bother of searching for food at the station. Though the quality of the meal is very good. Every compartment is connected with each other.

Railway caterers supplying food to passengers are seen running with stainless steel trays filled with chapatis, rice, dal, curry etc. They carry about ten to twelve trays at a time and run from one end of the train without losing balance.

Tea and coffee are available inside the railway compartment by catering staff and others, who have made it a daily habit. They enter the coaches when the train stops at important stations. They get down at the next stop and catch another train to reach their destination.

The neelanchal express passes through kharagpur , Tatanagar, gomoh, mughal sarai, Benaras and allahabad. Food is available at many of the stations. Hence passengers have no difficulty in getting fresh and hot food on their way.

Newspapers and magazines are available at all important stations. Besides, where we get a good supply of books at the railway book stall.

I had a pocket of playing cards with me. We made good use of it on the way. My two friends, whose seat was very near mine, were interested in playing the game of twenty-eight. Another friend who was going to Delhi to attend his cousin's marriage also joined us.

The four of us had a very happy time playing games and exchanging views. At times the train moved with great speed. I enjoyed the overnight journey by the sight of the natural beauty near the window seat.

         We reached New Delhi at about 9-30 p.m. the next day. We didn't go out that night. We stayed at the hotel room near the railway station which was very neat and clean.

I enjoyed the journey on my summer vacation traveling by train.

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