Essay on newspaper | importance of newspaper in daily life

We all know that, Newspapers are a necessary part of our life. Every morning we read the newspaper with a cup of tea.

Writing an essay on newspaper is very easy by following the simple steps. Here are some points to follow for writing about this topic.

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Q:- How do you write an essay on newspaper?
  • Our daily need
  • Gives both news and views
  • How they create public opinion
  • Harmfulness of giving biased and distorted news
  • How they function in our country
Following the above words we make paragraphs on every word in our mind. Let's describe our paragraphs which are on our mind. So let's start.

Newspaper essay

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Essay on newspapers importance

Our daily need:-
In the morning as soon as we have had our brushed teeth and cup of tea taken. We need to get in touch with the world around us through the pages of a newspaper. In big cities both morning and evening editions of the newspaper are available.

Gives both news and views:-
Newspapers are like our eyes. Through them we see what is happening in distant places. We know when and how a river spates, causing floods or the countryside is threatened by a severe drought. But it is not for news only we read a newspaper. Through its editorials a newspaper voices the views of the public.

How they create public opinion:-
A newspaper creates public opinion through the way it flashes news, besides it's regular features like the editorial or special article's on a specific issue or 'letters to the editor'. People's feelings are aroused by reading how injustice is done or how innocent people suffer.

Newspapers belonging to political persons publish news and views insuch a mannerthat they try to justify the actions taken by them and criticize the news of other political persons who areopposed to them.

Harmfulness of giving biased and distorted news:-
By publishing exaggerated accounts of events or very important events in very inconspicuous places of the newspapers, the editor sometimes creates an important issue. Average reader believes what he sees in print, he is easily influenced by such distorted news and biased news.

Wrong actions like agitating people to take law into their own hands ensue from the publication of distorted news.

How they function in our country:-
Our country is a democratic country. Hence, newspapers play a crucial role in our country in influencing  public opinion. By reading newspaper articles, people know what the ruling party is doing. What it is expected to do and what it's lapses are.

The newspaper owned by opposition parties flash the lapses of the ruling party in controlling situations efficiently. The options may have vested interest in exposing the party. The newspapers in our country bring these to light.

The state's man, the times of India, the Hindu, the Indian express among others reflect independent view points. Reading them will be helpful in developing correct attitudes to the basic problems of our country.

Essay on newspaper 300 words for class 10

  • A means of communication
  • Its history
  • A-storehouse of knowledge
  • Information on all current affairs
  • Other advantages
  • Its role in the modern society
  • Our opinion on newspaper reading

The newspaper is one of the best, oldest and most popular means of communications. Now-a-days most people go through newspapers everyday. All that happens around us is reflected in newspapers. So it is considered as a mass media. Newspapers play an important part in modern society.

It is said that the newspaper was first published in Italy. Some people say that it was first published in China. In India it was brought out in the year 1780 for the first time. At present a good number of newspapers in different languages are being circulated everyday.

Some of them are The Times of India, The Indian Express, The Telegraph etc. Some newspapers published in Odia are The Samaj, The Prajatantra, The Dharitri, The Sambad, The Anupam Bharat, The Prameya etc.

In the past it took a long time to know what was happening in the nearby places. Sometimes people could never know about some of such incidents. But things are very different today.

Now-a-days we know about all the incidents happening in any part of the world very soon through newspapers. Newspapers are a storehouse of knowledge.

People improve their ability in language by reading newspapers regularly. Different articles like stories, poems, features etc. on the literary pages of newspapers provide enjoyment to people interested in them.

The unemployed people go through the employment news which enables them to get jobs. Commercial advertisements help in the promotion of trade and marketing.

Newspapers are the fourth pillar of democracy. Public opinion is clearly reflected in newspapers. The representatives of the people become aware of the political situation through public opinion. Newspapers create a link between the people and the political leaders. So its role in democracy is very important.

Newspapers are the mirror of society. So it has become a necessity in life. Newspapers should not publish false and fabricated news. Students should make the habit of reading newspapers regularly.

Finally, we get our essay by combining each paragraph. What are you thinking? Is it easy or hard? In my opinion it is very simple. I hope you like this article and improve your skills. Please share with your friends for which you can help them with writing essays.Thank you!
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