Essay on lottery | Format of an critical essay on lottery pdf

Essay writing on the lottery is very simple. When we write an essay on it we also remember some points given below. These points help us when we write essays. 

  • Reasons for its popularity
  • Types: public, private, local
  • It's effects on building character

By helping the points we are now going to write simple and easy paragraphs to describe. 

Writing an essay on the lottery for grown up students in every class. 

Essay on lottery,Format of an critical essay on lottery pdf
Essay on lottery

Format of a Simple essay on lottery 

Reasons for its popularity:-

The reasons for its popularity are obvious. Who does not want to become a millionaire overnight without having done anything to claim that status. Every man hopes to build a good residence in the city, purchase a car, Start a business, but as he does not have the means, he thinks he can do so if only he can suddenly become very rich. 

Since there is no shortcut approach to reach that height. The idea of suddenly getting rich by taking a chance to win the first, second and third prize in a lottery appeals to us. That is why more and more people purchase lottery tickets these days. 

Besides, state governments are now carrying on this lottery business. People now have no apprehension of fraud because state governments run the lottery business and give away the prizes. 

Types of lottery:-

There are three types of lottery: public, private and local. Lotteries sponsored by state governments are public lotteries. Eminent public men are entrusted with the charge of supervising the smooth conduct of the management of these lotteries. Hence there is no fear of fraud in these lotteries. 

Private lotteries are conducted by private persons. The organizers of these lotteries make the first, second and third prize very attractive to induce people to buy tickets. The first prize usually has the value of a few lakhs of rupees. State owned lotteries spend the profit obtained from the scale of tickets for the welfare of the people. 

But the profit obtained from the lotteries under private management is shared by the organizers. Local lotteries are confined to a particular place or groups of people. Local businesses are mostly under private management. 

It's effects on building character:-

Lotteries have a tendency of moulding the nature of people. People become easy going and depend on fate. The desire to become suddenly rich by a push of fate has adverse effects on our national character. 

We lose confidence in our own efforts. We become dependent on fate. Hence lotteries should not organize lotteries in order to get a little money. 

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