Importance of women(female) education essay 300 words

Female Education essay

Essays on Women's Education — A society made up of both men and women Education is needed for women to bring global superpower,essay on female education,women education
female education

A society consists of both male and female humans. Hence, education for both is necessary for social reconstruction and development. In European countries, U.S.A. and Russia, education for female is considered where women have the power to vote as men have, education for both is equally necessary for stable administration. 

  In the past, women were only helping men in running the family. The responsibility of providing means to manage the expenses of the family rested with men. Women bore children, took care of them, cooked food for the family and did most of the manual work at home like cleaning of utensils, sweeping the house etc. 

Men were extra conscious for women's chastity. They didn't allow girls to attend school because they thought it was not necessary for them. Mother's used to teach their daughters such skills as sewing, decorating, cooking, cleaning etc. 

Manu prohibited women from doing any responsibility work and recommended early marriage for them. A woman was under the care of her father till she was married. Them she was directly under the care of her husband. And when she became a widow she was under the care of her son. On the whole a woman had no individual freedom at all. 

     Today, in the rural areas, where people are still very far away from civilized life, women have no freedom at all. But in towns and cities and even in enlightened villages the situation has changed a great deal. 

In any public office in a city, we now find twenty to thirty percent women working with men as their counterparts. In India women have joined all kinds of prestigious profession like the I.A.S., I.P.S., doctor's, professors.

 We had a woman prime minister in India for two terms, like Indira Gandhi, who was very popular as a prime minister in India. Margaret Thatcher has been the prime minister of England for three successive terms.

In India we have schools and colleges for females. They can also continue their study in schools and colleges which are meant for both boys and girls. Of late the results in university examinations in our country shows that most of the top positions are secured by female. It is foolishness to think that men are more intelligent than women. 

The Education of woman is even more important than that of man, because an educated mother can teach her own children healthy habits. A woman without education will handle the diseases of her child clumsily. 

If she herself don't know the usefulness of drinking pure water or eating hot food how can she teach it to her children? Since every woman is expected to be a mother, she must have ideas of good sanitation and she should also be educated enough to teach her own children. 

Govt. of India is bringing to the notice of the people the defects in early marriage of female, and the harm done to children by insanitary habits of uneducated mother's, through the television, the radio, the newspapers etc. Adult women are encouraged to pick up reading and writing so that they may not be exploited by others. 

Still, dowry and even sutti are challenges which have to be met by every society. There should be more schools for females, more colleges, more job opportunities. The very attitude of treating women lightly and exploiting them should be removed from people's mind. 

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