Essay on the great man or woman i admire most | Greatest essay

Essay on the great man or woman

Essay on the great man or woman I admire most,Greatest essay

Among all the men and women I know, Mahatma Gandhi is the dearest to me. His name has an impact on my mind which I can feel but can't successfully describe. No other man or woman's life is so open and above broad as the life of Gandhiji. 

Every other man I know has two sides: his inside and his outside. But Mahatma Gandhi is an exception. There is absolutely no distinction between his inside and his outside. The more you know about him, the more you are dragged towards him. 

Love for truth was the mission of his life. The British government which ruled over India exploited the indians. No one dared to speak out against the mighty British government. But Gandhiji, with his dedication to truth, was afraid of none. 

He united the Indians to rise to the occasion. He wanted the Indians to join the non-cooperation movement. He called it the satyagraha. Under his leadership the Indians fought against the British. But it was not a bloody fight. It was a non-violent resistance. It puzzled the British government. 

The mighty British government was not afraid of punishing the leaders who incited the people against the British administration. But it was afraid of Gandhiji. It was afraid of Gandhiji's facts. One Gandhiji continued his fast in the jail for twenty one days. He didn't take any food except salt and water. The British government released him and negotiated for a settlement. 

To all Indians, Gandhiji was bapu, the father. He was indeed the father of the entire nation. He sacrificed everything for the country. He had fought against the South African government for restoring the rights of Indians residing there. 

He was an epitome of course. His non-violence had nothing to do with cowardice. He had gone to noakhali to restore the good relationship between the Hindus and the Muslims. Severe communal riot had taken place in noakhali. 

Neither the Hindus nor the Muslims were prepared to act wisely. They killed each other in a wild frenzy. Gandhiji volunteered to go there alone. 

Though he fought against the British, he had no ill will for them. People all over the world had profound respect for Gandhiji. He was a living Buddha, a living Christ in an age of anarchy and unrest. Everyday he devoted some time to spinning. 

He was against industrializing the country with the help of machines. He knew that the more the machines will be used the more the unemployment problem will become acute. Plain living and high thinking he adored. 

Everyday he prayed to God, not for any favour for himself, but for removing injustice, inequality in the distribution of national wealth. While going to his prayer meeting in Birla bhawan, he was shot dead by Nathuram godse, a hindu fanatic. 

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