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How can I write my aim in life paragraph?

To write an expensive essay, First of all, we need to know the meaning of the Goal. A goal represents the ability to reach a target or keep a target in life. In our life another necessary point is our aim. Every individual has a goal for the future.

    Write good paragraphs using the following words to describe our aim in future life.

Steps to follow when writing an essay about my goals in life or a paragraph about future plans.

  • All plans now tentative
  • details of may plans
  • till completion of study
  • after completion of my study
  • my parents desire
  • conclusion 

Let's start our essay on future aims/future plans in life.

Essay on my aim

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Essay on My Future Aim

All plans now tentative / Details of my plans :-

Whatever my plans are for my future are no doubt tentative, because I don't know how I will fare in the competitions. Which I shall have to face in the coming six to seven years of my life. 

I believe I shall do well in the examinations. I hope to get a seat in one of the medical colleges of the state. If I get a seat by qualifying in the written test, I shall continue my study in the medical college. After completing my study, I shall get my M.B.B.S. degree. I shall work as a house surgeon in Delhi. 

After completion of my study :-

   After the completion of the period of house-surgeonship, I shall try to get into the Indian Institute of Medical science. Where I shall specialize in medicine or surgery. It will take me about three years to get my post graduate degree from there. 

By this time I must have reached the age of 26 or 27. Since whatever I now propose to do in my life will be with the money. I get it from my parents, after I complete my education finally it will be my duty to help my parents. 

   I don't have any ambition of entering government service, because I desire to be useful to my villagers. I also hope to be useful to the people of a cluster of villagers surrounding my villagers. The medical facilities available in these villages are very inadequate for which they face much trouble. So I have decided to open a clinic with the arrangement of a few indoor patients. 

My parents desire :-

  Of course it will mean again some more investment. But my parents are not interested in getting back the money which they have spent after me. They know my desire and I am sure I shall also be able to help myself then because I hope to get some money during my student career. 

By virtue of my marks in the H.S.C. I am now getting a scholarship. I hope to get this scholarship till the completion of my study in the medical college. My father has asked me to save money in a bank account to meet expenses of an urgent nature in future. 

With the money I have saved I shall buy a microscope and some books and equipment. My father has a house at one end of the village. Which is now not being used for living. I shall first of all Start my clinic there. There are four rooms in that house besides passage and wide varendra. That will be quite suitable for me initially to open the clinic. 

  I have decided not to charge any fees for my treatment. After a patient is cured I shall accept from him whatever amounts he can willingly give me for my maintenance and the running of the clinic. 

To extremely poor and deserving patients I shall not only give free treatment, I shall also arrange for his food and lodging by asking the rich people of our village to meet their expenses. 

Conclusion :-

   But as I have stated in the beginning, all plans are now tentative because, unless the lord builds the house, they labour in vain to build it. If God helps me to fulfill my objective, then only I shall be able to do in future, what I plan now. 


I hope you learn something about how to write a good paragraph essay on my future plans. Now you can write better by using your skill ,which you learn from here. 

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