A essay of ten lines on covid-19

A essay of ten lines on covid-19, 10line on covid-19/CORONAVIRUS
10 lines on covid-19

  1. Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is a group of viruses and it can cause disease in both animals and humans. 
  2. Viruses can only multiply inside the living cells of an organism.
  3. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the new coronavirus, or nCoV-2019, as an epidemic.
  4. Covid-19 is the latest disease caused by the spread of these viruses from animals to humans.
  5. Difficulty breathing, colds, sneezing, dry cough, fever, etc. are common symptoms.
  6. Covid-19 affects people in many ways.
  7. Hand wash with hand wash or soap containing alcohol, keep social distance, avoid Going to crowded places, touching your eyes, nose and mouth often and staying at home in isolation.
  8. These are the few preventative measures that can be taken against spread of the disease.
  9. The Government of India, the State Govt. and the Central Government have taken drastic measures.
  10. It is hoped that with the help of people's hearts, the coronavirus can be eradicated quickly.

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Essay on covid-19, Essay on CORONAVIRUS,short paragraph essay writing on covid-19 (CORONAVIRUS)
Covid-19 Essay


Write essay on COVID 19 more than 200 words


  • What corona viruses are covid-19
  • the disease they cause its origin
  • how it spreads
  • its symptoms preventive measures against it
  • steps taken by the governments for its prevention.

Corona viruses are a group of viruses that can cause diseases in both animals and humans. A virus can replicate only inside the living cells of an organism.

Although some viruses are useful, there are also some harmful viruses that cause deadly diseases among animals and humans. The deadliest of them is the novel coronavirus.

There are several corona viruses known to be circulating in different animal populations. Covid-19 is the most recent disease which is caused due to the jump of these viruses from animal to human infection. It is said that coronavirus may have silently existed in China as early as October 2019. The novel human coronavirus disease covid-19 is known to have originated and was first reported in Wuhan, China.

It is also said to be the first transmission of viruses to humans. Subsequently, it spread to other countries. It has now spread rapidly to many parts of the world.

Covid-19 affects different people in different ways. It 1S a respiratory condition caused by coronaviruses. Some people are infected but don't notice any symptoms. However difficulty in breathing, common cold, sneezing, dry cough, fever, etc. is its common symptoms. For most people Covid- 19 causes mild illness.

But it can make some people very ill. Even the disease can also be fatal. Older people and people suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, etc. are easily infected by coronaviruses.

There is no vaccine or reliable medicine to cure Covid-19.Therefore, the only way not to be infected by the disease is to take some simple precautions. Washing hands with alcohol-based hand wash or soap, maintaining social distance, avoiding going to crowded places, touching eyes, nose and mouth frequently, and staying at home in self-isolation are some of the preventive measures that can be taken against the spread of the disease.

Fighting against coronavirus has now become the prime responsibility of governments almost all over the world. Accordingly, the government of India as well as the state governments and authorities of union territories have taken stringent steps like lockdown, shutdown fixing of containment zones, setting up Covid hospitals and quarantine centers and restricting social gatherings, etc. It is hoped that with the whole-hearted cooperation of the people, the corona Virus can be eradicated very soon.

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