Best Essay on Cinema in Life and it's effects for student

Don't forget to use these points to make paragraphs when you write an essay about the cinema or movies. Many students have a common question on her/his mind that is "How do you write a cinema essay?" In my opinion it's very easy to write a simple paragraph about this. I have some points that help us to write a good paragraph of essays in every exam in school or college. 

Best Essay on Cinema in Life and it's effects for student
essay on the cinema

  • It's growing popularity

  • Status of cinema actors and actresses

  • Provides entertainment

  • Good and bad effects

Let's get started on writing a short paragraph of essay about the cinema and it's growing popularity. 

A paragraph about the cinema

It's growing popularity:-

The popularity of the cinema is growing more and more in both urban and rural areas of our country. The number of show houses has increased considerably in the last decade in thickly populated towns and cities. People have become habituated to visit the cinema once or twice a week almost regularly. 

The youth generation are in the habit of adopting their dress style by imitating their choicest heroes and heroines on the screen. It is not only their dress which fascinates them, they also imitate their actions in real life. 

Status of cinema actors and actresses:-

A popular cinema actor or actress always draws a lot of admirers around him or her. The best actors and actresses are considered on par with great political leaders. In the 1984 Lok- Sabha elections Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, a popular top actor defeated Mr Bahuguna, a top political leader from Allahabad constituency by a wide margin of votes. 

Two chief ministers in two states from South India happen to be reputed cinema actors in the past. In 1984 Lok-Sabha elections Amitabh Bachchan, sunil dutt and vyjayanthimala were elected as members of the parliament by virtue of their popularity in the movies. 

Provides entertainment:-

The cinema provides good entertainment to people by keeping them absorbed for two or three hours in a cinema hall. During actions which cannot be shown on the stage can be shown on the screen. Songs and dances keep the audience spellbound. 

Actresses put on such dresses which allow most of the features of their bodies to be seen clearly by the spectators. Young boys are easily enamoured by such sights. Producers create false movies to make money with their pictures. The younger generation are greatly influenced by the evil effect of the cinema. 

The magic of cinema:-

People come in different categories, good and bad. They go together to a world like a dream where they forget their past and present, forgetting their sorrows and desires to sing in harmony with victory. This is the magic of cinema.

Good and bad effects:-

The feature films shown in the cinema sometimes have great educative value. We learn about the culture, trade and occupation of different kinds of people by seeing them.

The general knowledge of the common man increases by seeing different kinds of films. 

There are certain films which greatly influence our minds and help us in realising what is good and what is bad for us. The purpose of all art should be moral, such films that have a corrupting influence on our minds should not be permitted to be shown in show houses. 

I hope this article helps you to improve your skill on this essay. Thank you!

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