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How to write a good essay in English,Essay Format
How to write impressive essay

Writing an essay is an art efficiency is acquired by practice .You can't write a good essay by reading a few paragraphs on "how to write a good essay", but such reading will definitely give some useful information on essay writing.

you can't write a good essay by reading a few paragraphs on "how to write a good essay, but such reading will definitely give some useful information on essay writing.
The best way to learn language is to hear it from those who speak it well. The best way to achieve proficiency in writing essays is to read essays written by those who have good writing skill.

    One of the earliest to set a style in essay writing was a French man named Montaigne. Before writing an essay outline, he asked himself what he should write about.

     On cool reflection he came to know that he must know the topic very well before he ventures to write on it. He choose to write only about himself because, he knew himself very well.

   The first thing to bear in mind about it is that the essay should be must reveal something. Secondly the essay need not be can be impressive and useful even in a shorter frame. The sentences can hide layers of meaning behind them even when they are short.

In other words, each word used in a sentence, and each sentence in a paragraph serves a useful purpose. The reader has to read between the lines to make out sense if every word in the essay is purposefully used.

Practical guide lines:

Writing an essay for assessment for award of marks demands immediate attention to the directive. If you are asked to write an essay in about four hundred words do not write more because you know more about it.

If you are under the impression that the more you write the examiner will be pleased, you are totally wrong. It is also not a desire to write an essay which falls short of the prescribed number of words by fifty or hundred words or more.

Format of an essay

Introduction :

The opening paragraph should introduce the topic or essay title page and provide the necessary background.

Body of the essay :

All points should be properly developed arguments in support of and against the topic may be given in different paragraphs, long paragraphs should be avoided.

Conclusion :

Issues highlighted and arguments put forth in the body of the essay should be rounded off necessary. The conclusion should in essence sum up the whole essay.

Ingredients of an impressive essay writing

How to write a good essay in English,Essay Format
Ingredients of an essay

Planning :

Before starting to write the essay, note down all points, facts and figures a good building needs a proper sketch. Similarly, a good essay needs to be properly planned. Make a proper plan and execute it well.

Simple language :

Simple language is the hallmark of a good essay. Appropriate words should be used short sentences make for pleasant reading. The chances of committing grammatical errors are also reduced if one avoids long sentences. slangs and colloquial language should be avoided.

Facts and figures :

Facts and figures add punch and lend weight to the arguments. only correct and relevant facts should be incorporated in the essay. extreme views must be avoided views expressed should be unbiased and unprejudiced.

Conference and clarity :

All the issues raised and arguments given for and against there should be logical continuity must be maintained haphazard approach should be avoided precision and clarity must be ensured.

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